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Randomly, Lee asks Galen why he's doing this, when the answer should be obvious. I'm not sure what this is about, at all: "Old man deserves a better fate than what he'll get from them. Go find your father, Lee." Lee's super grateful. But I can't figure out why that needed to be said. Was it just to add a little more spackle on the father/son stuff they always overdo on this show? Like any character could have said that line at this point and it would serve the same schmoopy purpose? Last time we saw Chief and Bill together, Bill was choosing the Cylons over humanity, and working to get them a seat in the Quorum. The fact that this hasn't happened yet is less about Bill being a liar and more about the fact that it was five minutes ago, and he passed it along to Laura just the way he said he would, and she agreed, unexpectedly. So even if Galen doesn't know all that, I still don't know why he would do anything but save Gaius and Bill and Laura, in that order: even if he is living on the Basestar after all, he'd get down there, and after Nicky and Hotdog, that's... I mean that's exactly what he would do. What am I missing?

0947. Trudging down the corridor, Adama tries to start shit first with Nowart, who is very sympathetic for a guy duck-walking you to your own brig, and then with Maldonado, who was actually with the president during her million and one Hybrid jumps and just an hour or so ago beat the shit out of Sam Anders. "I remember you too, Maldonado. Big mouth, not much of a soldier. It doesn't matter. Because when this is over, there's gonna be a reckoning. And live or die, it's how you act today that's gonna matter." He whirls around on Nowart: "So what's it gonna be, Nowart?" I love this so much, it's like every war movie at once is happening in Bill's head and he's just rolling the hard six. He gets the fuck in poor Nowart's face, as he's begging the Admiral to settle down, and gets gritty and grittier: "I'll be damned if I'm gonna let a guy like you run me off my own ship. You wanna shoot? Go on, let's see if you got a pair." Nowart starts whining, and he smashes the kid in the face, just as Tigh's grabbing the other one's gun. Bill shoots somebody and points his gun at Nowart, who repents down his pantleg. Bill checks in with Saul, who's doing fine, and wants to kill Nowart. Instead, Bill decides to take him with them for some reason.

Laura and Gaius act pissy with each other as usual, talking about how the Fleet is coming down around their ears and Gaius is usually at the epicenter of that sort of thing. He tries to be so, so serious and so, so professional and so, so religiously legit, and she just ignores the entire thing. It breaks his heart. You'd think she'd be better at this, but some people you just hate in a way that your brain cannot master, so she has to dig and jibe and act bitchy even when she's asking him a favor. It's sort of awesome. He's like, "Have you come to pray?" in this very holy, ridiculous voice, and she's like, "No, see, I'm actually important. I will get on the horn and tell the Fleet they don't need to be afraid of the Cylons right now, and to settle down." Which, I guess they learned nothing from their Hybrid experience, because one thing you never say to either of them is, "I am the special one here." So he sasses her about her "oratorical skills" and lies about his wireless.

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