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1017. Four hours in, now. Lee doubles back to Kara, reporting he couldn't find a way into the brig. They come upon a quiet pair moving toward them, around a corner, and come out with guns cocked. It's Bill, with a gun and his prisoner. Lee and his father embrace, but Kara's more interested in the traitor Bill's got with him. "Easy, he's our prisoner. Starbuck. Starbuck! Lower your weapon." Kara explains the simple truth that, unbeknownst to Bill, they've taken over the entire ship, and this just became a double-mutiny to get it back: there is no time for Adama behavior like taking prisoners when there are exactly five sane loyalists left. He shoves Nowart down the corridor, just to get him away from Kara, and tries to justify it with a crusty-sounding "Get outta my face!" but she's not fooled, and gives chase, shooting after him. He grabs her and yells at her, and there's the most awesome act out ever on Kara's sort of horribly joyful, serious face: "They are not your men anymore. They are the enemy!" Boom!

1021, hiding in Chief's hidey-hole with Gaius. "Felix Gaeta. Who would've thought? You probably knew him better than anyone, back on New Caprica..." Gaius doesn't quite give up Felix's secret -- and how ironic would it be if that's how they bring Felix down, by outing himself as a collaborator who seduced the enemy and gave up their loved ones, when that's why he's doing this anyway; the operatic punishment he's asking for is something I'm willing to wait for, now that you mention it -- but he does mention that Felix's loyalties were "obviously" divided, "even back then." Um, yeah, Laura thinks: between you and the real government. I'm not disagreeing that he's slimy, but doesn't that sort of indict you way worse? Gaius folds him arms and hilariously notes, "Seems we both made rather bad choices when it comes to our presidential aides-de-camp, wouldn't you say?" She smiles where he can't see it, and nods. Word, girl.

1023 -- And how great is the ticking clock in this episode? You couldn't do it every time, but it does a great job of making this precise episode click and clack like a machine right in front of you, it's awesome -- and Tigh offhand mentions the dubiousness of Galen's bolthole. "You tell me, he's one of yours," snots Lee. Time and place, ya little pisher. Tigh's like, "Seriously?" and I guess Lee just needs a nap, because he totally goes, "Yeah, I got a problem. Your people annihilated the human race!" I'm not saying it's out of character, it's just not really the time to do this, and also: how is that relevant to what's going on?

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