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Sergeant of the Guard, young Nowart, is among the revolutionistas. Felix's former judge/jury/executioner, Charlie Connor -- seen most recently slitting Gaius's throat and getting the bejesus walloped out of him by Paulla -- is, as usual, up for anything as long as it's trashy and vengeful. He's providing the weapons for their well-armed militia. Steel-jawed pilot Narcho and Private Paley are also in, using their positions and uniforms to terrorize people into senseless evacuations, back and forth, back and forth. Felix scratches at his stump: the phantom ache of something that's not even there anymore. He can't help himself.

Much like Bill, Zarek knows his chief problem is the Quorum. Felix is correct that all Zarek has to do is isolate them from the rest of the Fleet and remove them from power, and Zarek spins it back right: "They'll huff and puff, but reality will trump their sense of duty soon enough." Right, because a "sense of duty" is the last thing you need at the end of the world. Especially when the only "reality" Zarek knows is bringing down the world and hoping he can build something better in its place. So much planning, and I haven't heard the slightest excuse for what happens next. Apr├Ęs le deluge... what, exactly? Kill all the Cylons in the Fleet, all the Roslins and Adamas and... what?

The reason that all revolutions turn to the right is that the only people selfish enough to agitate violence toward any kind of praxis or new paradigms are the same people who are too short-sighted to put something better in place, or else they would realize it's possible to do so without all this drama in the first place. One big day of damage is never as good as the hundred or thousand days before it that you could have used to work toward a better world.

Also of note: has there been a season in which Tom Zarek didn't attempt to kill Lee and Bill Adama, for little to no reason? Even before Lee was a proper human being, even when he was just the CAG, Zarek was all about killing him. Doesn't that strike you as odd? Doesn't it seem questionable that Zarek was fine with him right up until the point that he started questioning Zarek's bullshit agitation, and suddenly the Adamas were evil again? Could history ever really have respected Robespierre? Felix sends Tom off to fuck with Lee and freak him out, and Tom nods like he's following orders, like any of this is Felix's idea.

"The Colonel's right," Laura says tentatively, over their coffee. "The Fleet has never been comfortable with this blanket Cylon amnesty." Bill, uninterested in talking about it, happy in the cabin, doesn't even answer her properly. "Siccing Lee on the Quorum is only gonna be seen as a shot across the bow. He can hedge it all he wants, but the delegates will see it comes straight from you." Bill promises her that Lee can handle it, because he doesn't know something woke up ten minutes ago that's coming for all of them.

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