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Beyond suggesting that Lee could be at home on either side of this fence -- which makes him even more of a hypocrite than usual, because he benefits from the emerging aristocracy more than anybody in the Fleet -- it also resets his character to before "Measure Of Salvation," which sucks only because his greatest amount of growth has been past that. I realize that it's important to have this sort of racist hatred bubble up in somebody we love, to make some crazy point about how legit all of this is, but: Lee got talked down from actual genocide, okay? And then the genocide he was looking forward to perpetrating happened, when they blew the Hub. There's nothing else you can do to the Cylons at this point. You have won the war. And the fact that Lee of all people is just sort of spouting this brainless, hateful nonsense is... Not much of a cover for the fact that this mutiny is all about the lesser angels of our nature, and illegitimate as a result. In trying to balance the scales and present this as an equal-sided conflict, you've managed to make it look even sillier than it already did, because this is only legitimate if you somehow believe that one person's sin exempts you from your own, and you'd have to be a moron to honestly believe that. Which Lee sort of already is, I guess. I just thought he grew out of it.

Bill tells him to stow it, but Saul outright humors him: "No, let the great statesman talk." Oh, good. A big old speech. "You wanna know why Tom Zarek's got so much clout in this Fleet? Because when you get past the arrogance, he's right. We can pretend to put it behind us, exchange lofty words about an alliance, but if this is what survival has come to..." Um, that was you that did that. You were the one who exchanged lofty words about an alliance. You are the only one asking that this shit be put behind us, because you are a black-and-white immature idealist at best. You can't even conceive of a person able to deal with the ambivalent nature of reconciliation: it's either good or it's bad. Adama points out that survival, with the Thirteenth Tribe, is literally all "we" -- in the largest sense imaginable -- have got, but Lee refuses to calm the fuck down: "It's all they left us."

Good line, rhetorically speaking, but useless in this context, because that's not what this fight is about, not even for Lee. It's not even true: the reason they have to depend on the 268s now is because human beings fucked up the Scrolls of Pythia, and Kara led everybody, Cylon and human alike, down an oracular cul de sac. Earth would be a frakload whether or not the Cylons did anything at all. This is meant purely to hurt Tigh's feelings, and it does, and that's the entire function of it: Tigh is beyond sad about it, even though it's not really his problem or his responsibility, and way to go Captain Apollo. You got self-righteous and hurt somebody that has nothing to do with what's going on. How Cally of you. No wonder Zarek loves you so much. Kara comes back and urges them forward to the next safe point.

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