Battlestar Galactica
The Oath

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Jacob Clifton: A+ | 1 USERS: A+
All Aboard The Battlestar Handbasket!

Tomorrow: Say hello to President Zarek, I'm guessing. The Twins and Chief will probably pull off some amazing trick and get Galactica back, and I'm so sure Bill's dead. I give this show a lot of credit, but not that much. And I'm guessing Gaius will fuck everything up somehow. Mostly: Fingers crossed Saul comes back in a tuxedo, two-eyed, Ellen on his arm, and aims a Heavy Raider right up Tom Zarek's means of production. So say we all!

Count 'em down ... Battlestar Galactica: The Most Frakking Good Moments.

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Battlestar Galactica




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