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Laura remembers to back off, like she promised herself. Bill looks at her, finally, but doesn't speak. She nearly laughs at him. "Yeah, the legendary Adama silence. I can see right through it. This passive-aggressive pretense that you are okay if I don't get involved." He grins and says he doesn't "do passive-aggressive," which is one of the funnier lines ever uttered on this show, and she calls him out for it: "Yes you do, you just don't know that's what it is." He laughs and tells her to get some rest, and they playact at domesticity, sweetly but with a little too much irony for it to be completely sweet. She says she'll have supper waiting, and they grin. As he's heading out the hatch, she shouts in spite of herself: "Cantrell's the key. Tell Lee. If he can get to Cantr..." Bill turns and looks at her, silent again. "I'm not..." she protests, and he smiles and leaves.

Why would it be Jacob? Sagittaron has the whole weird oppressed/pacifist thing happening, so I guess that makes sense. I don't imagine Sagittaron -- especially on the record -- can really spare Zarek much consideration, given his history. I'm not sure where Cantrell came from, or what sort of family, but considering Zarek was in jail for the cold-blooded murder of political figures before the first Exodus, it could turn out to be personal. That's interesting. I would have said one of the more affluent Colonies, besides Caprica I mean. Obviously xenophobic Aerilon's out, and Tauron was born for this; the only thing the Geminese hate more than civil liberties is Big Gubmit, so of course they're going to jump on the false Hobson's Choice Tom's given them as far as individual ships having individual federal rights, blah blah.

I don't know much about anybody else. Picon or Virgon, I'd think. But Sagittaron's apolitical stance, and constant worry about getting their due, tagging along behind the Fleet's opinion and begging for protection all the time, I can see them knuckling under the Cylon orders no problem. The last thing a tiny, underrepresented Colony like that wants is yet more splintering. Cantrell just wants some food and, like, herbs and spices. Of course, I also think the Quorum itself should have been disbanded years ago, and the ships should be representing themselves in a new republic, but that seems to be what Zarek's going for, so we'll see. When you're sharing all the same resources and getting assigned to other ships based on what you did for your summer vacation, reinforcing those outdated stereotypes and intercolonial hatreds seems really stupid. I mean, in Bill's lifetime these twelve countries were at war. The Articles of Confederation were written during the first Cylon war, and they always forget that. No wonder all they understand is hate and fear.

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