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The Oath

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All Aboard The Battlestar Handbasket!

Adama's giving Private Jaffe some files when the alarms go off: a fake fire warning on Deck C, near the main antenna array. Felix orders a diagnostic there too, and after a fake moment to think, calls out: "Admiral, if the wireless array goes down, we could lose communications across the Fleet. Given our current situation, I'm thinking this fire might not be an accident." Smart, very smart. Tigh jumps right in line: "Zarek's true believers would have a field day if we went dark." Adama gaetas the Marine fire unit along with the damage control party, and evacuates C Deck. Just like Gaeta wanted.

0812, on C Deck, Hotdog's shoving a thousand toys into his rucksack, for his new son Nicky. Kara's enjoying the hilarity of "proud papa" Brendan Constanza, but wisely stays away from the most uproarious part, that it was Cally he knocked up. When Hotdog's had enough, he goes to the "On the other hand you're a childless whore who's frakked the entire Fleet" place, which stings just enough that she throws her morning slop at him across the table. Feelings hurt, he takes off down the corridor just as the evacuation warnings come across the PA. Out in the corridor, she tries to find out what's going on from Narcho, wondering why he's in charge and not a Marine. He shrugs her off, way rudely, and gets all xenophobe about how nobody even knows what she is anymore. He stomps off, and she just stares because he has no idea.

Skulking and trying to figure out what smells weird, Kara comes up on Connor celebrating the second amendment with his Marine pals and giving them orders to blame the Admiral if anybody questions them. She goes back to her own locker, which is just as full of guns and ammo, of course, and loads up. Basically now they are even. She calls in to CIC, and Felix answers the phone and totally whitewashes her. "Godsdamn it, we've got civilians arming themselves down here!" He hangs up lightly, and looks around himself like he still can't quite believe we all got out of bed this morning.

Lee, of course, has just gotten out of the Quorum meeting and also calls CIC, only to get another line of static from Felix. "I'm sorry, Lee, we're having a bit of an emergency right now... Nothing damage control can't handle, but you know the Admiral." Lee's like, yeah, until ten minutes ago when he sent me the flaming bag of dogshit that is Tom Zarek. Felix is like, "Whaaaaat?" and Lee whines for awhile before finally giving Felix a reason to hang up on him.

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