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War Room! Crazy table of excellent ship models and mission exposition! Too bad they didn't snag the Pegasus ready room and cool tech before her decommissioning ceremony; that stuff was awesome. Sharon shows them a treacherous path through the amazing star cluster, pointing out how it's a two-jump journey with a stopover in the middle of hell. "There's not a solution with a single jump?" asks Helo, but she says the cluster's too big, and they can't go around. (Kids ruin your brain, so of course at this point I started singing the Bear Hunt song: "Oh no! A star cluster! Can't go over it! Can't go under it!") Apollo notes the civvie ships aren't shielded enough to jump into the cluster, and out of his ass pulls the probability that 80% of the people onboard would die. Since it's Apollo, this statistic is now made of diamond. "Can we send Galactica for food?" asks Roslin, and Helo and Gaeta point out that this would mean zero defense for the Fleet while Galactica was jumping back and forth, because it would take dozens of trips to get it done. So if, as Gaeta says, they can't bring the food to the people... "What if we bring the people to the food? Put the people on Galactica," says Laura. "Send the civilian ships with skeleton crew, give them radiation meds." She's got some ideas about how people are cattle, doesn't she? Still, Apollo (still trying for his Junior Tigh badge in Nay-Sayery) says that the nav systems on the ships would go blind from the radiation. "They wouldn't be able to see squat on dradis. There wouldn't even be a way to calculate a jump out." And Sharon points out her first-person reporter take: "Once you jump in, the light is so blinding you begin to drift." And cough, and get horribly sick. "And before you can get your bearings," she slides a Raptor around the ice like it's drunk, "you're over there." Lee makes a little list: "No visual contact. Instruments blinded. Radiation." They'd get lost and burn up.

But while Lee is pointing out these rough truths -- and how cool is it that, ever since around the time of the big genocide/xenocide debates, that's his role? It makes total sense with how the season started -- his dad is pushing the models around in a whole other way, without speaking. He gets tactical like Kara does: without telling anybody. And it's just as irritating, and just as awesome. Lee gets it immediately: "Pilot ship." They'll pair a Raptor with each civilian ship, using Laura's plan of having skeleton crews, and lead them through the jumps. "Raptor navigation systems are hardened against nuclear strikes," Lee tells us, so they can handle the radiation. See how easy that was? I'm still not entirely sure I understood all the niceties of the Resurrection Ship battle, and God knows I watched that exposition briefing like a million times, but this one's easy: shipherds, herding ships.

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