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How many jumps? Apollo's briefing the pilots in their big briefing room. I love getting to see all these sets again! "Five round trips," he tells them, and they all mutter. "You heard. Five round trips. On our outbound jumps we'll each be responsible for relaying jump coordinates to our own specific civilian ship, nailing them to their jump points, and insuring they don't drift off." Racetrack asks if there's food on the Algae Planet, and Apollo says sort of. Because they'll have to process it first. Kat gets kind of upset at the idea that something called "the Algae Planet" doesn't have a Planet Hollywood or even a La Madeleine, for some reason, and Apollo is hilarious: "The truth is that nausea from the radiation exposure will take care of our appetites." Helo gets worried adjacent to this: "You'll all be issued with radiation badges that track our exposure. White like this, you're okay. As your exposure increases, it'll darken." If it approaches black, they'll get pulled off duty. "Keep checking your badges. It's every pilot's own responsibility to monitor their own badge."

Apollo calls Starbuck up, and she reminds them how it's going to be: "We're all flying solo on this mission. So that means there'll be nobody there to bitchslap you if you start to get tired or start seeing little toasters on your wing." This is how Starbuck always was; it's comforting. "We'll be issuing stims, so use 'em." Kat yells about the stims, but not because she's gone all crazy twelve-stepper: "Stims amp up your metabolism. We've got nothing to burn. You put stims in our systems, we're gonna be flying into the sides of the ships." One of the pilots asks if that's true, so I guess he doesn't know she's the expert. Actually, none of us yet knows just how expert she is. Starbuck gets in a cheap dig about how Kat used to loooove the stims, back when she was a crackhead, and if it was anybody else Kat would throw him the finger, but it's Starbuck, so she hangs her head. Apollo tells them to use their personal discretion on the stims, and tells them the civilians are coming onboard Galactica already. "Skids up in four hours."

Four hours is a long time. Out in Camp Oilslick, Dualla is being... incredibly awesome. The dialogue, but also the performance, which is hardcore and just this side of hysterical: "There is no food here. There are no rations anywhere on this ship. If someone told you there was food, they were lying. If you leave this area, force will be used." Somebody was joking that Olmos made the entire cast starve themselves throughout the entire shoot, which is a very funny joke, but Dualla's doing the whole "out of it but doing her duty" thing so well you'd think it was true. A man named Enzo, who looks like a less-grotesque Spike from Passions in that he's clearly a drug-running sleazeball, recognizes Kat and runs up to her, calling her "Sasha." She whips around on him with a fierceness: "My name isn't Sasha. My name's Captain Louanne Katraine. You understand me? Sasha, and you, were a lifetime ago." Enzo gets all Prince Hal with her about why doesn't she hang out with the lowlifes anymore now that she's an officer, and she tells him to step off. "Do they even know who you really are?" he calls after her. Intriguing. I always wondered why she didn't have a cool callsign; turns out that's all Kat is.

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