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"Oh, fancy bumping into you here," says Gaius to Three in the corridor of the basestar. As you can imagine, it's not entirely believable, suave, or normal-sounding. How much of Gaius's life is just people refusing to point out that he's not fooling anybody? Dude, I just imagined somebody telling him that, somebody scary like Three or Laura Roslin, and his face would crumple in a very sad way. "Can you believe I'm lost again? I'll never find my way around this place. Where have you been?" Somebody said this week, and I think it's very awesomely true, that Three is the one Cylon you never forget is a Cylon. The way Lawless plays her is just terribly feline and remote and real and vulnerable, all at once. There are benefits to going the other ways with it -- you may have heard that I love the Eights and Sixes -- but she is just... Did you ever see that movie The Last Unicorn? "You must never run from anything immortal." We always say it about Ryan Seacrest, but it applies even better here.

"I've been talking with Simon about our next move toward Earth," Three says evasively, and notes that there's still simmering debate. Lying and cruelty: two more things the Cylons never did until we got involved. Gaius asks if "the relevant Simon" can corroborate this story, and she turns back with a grin: "Beg pardon?" Gaius mentions the "things" she's been "doing," and her first question is -- not "who have you told," as you might think -- but "who would tell you" about her business. She quickly figures out it's Caprica, and thinks about how she hates when her bitches go stepping. "Did you know you have some dried goo in your hair? That can happen when you resurrect." Heh. He puts it together with lightning quickness and she pulls him off the central corridor and gives him the hard stare. "Do you have any idea of what you are accusing me of?" Yes. "Intentionally killing yourself over and over so you can download over and over." He asks if it isn't true that death's just a revolving door, because he's still not clear on how the whole "abomination against God" thing works. That's just, like, words to him. She gets tears in her eyes -- fear? Sadness about how she's going to have to kill his ass? No, it's shame -- before turning it into a terrifyingly sexy, kittenish grin.

Kat mirrors Three's shame, and her actions, pulling Enzo into a niche: "Come here!" Enzo gets horny so we know the deal, and tells her to "take it down a notch" even as she's demanding to know what he wants from her. "Relax. I'm not looking for a business partner," he says. He calls her "baby" and notes how if "they" find who she "really" is, they'll kick her out of the service. Or worse. "Now, do you think that I want that? I don't want that, 'cause that happens, who's gonna feed me?" He laughs and she just stares at him and wonders how he missed Dualla's yelping announcement. "... Oh, come on. You're getting three squares, you think I don't know that?" He doesn't. She swears there's nothing to give him and he pulls her in, applies himself directly to her forehead, intimate. "Sure you don't. Oh, we go back, baby. Since when is it a crime to take care of your own? Huh?" He breathes her in. "Remember, I know who you are. And I know how to make you happy... " He starts unzipping her uniform, taking off the Kat to expose the Sasha, and she pushes him away, leaving. Zipping Kat right back up.

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