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... Segue! Starbuck approaches Enzo in a Galactica corridor as he's chatting up some civilian girl. This is a great little scene that manages to get across about seven pages of script in two moves: "Hey, Enzo," Kara says, and "... Yeah," Enzo says. (And meanwhile there's a whole other story that their faces are saying, and that goes something like this. "Aw, man! I thought you were cool!" Yes, I'm still cool and a drunk and all that, but I need information. "... You saw me with Katraine." I am so grossed out by both of you right now that I could punch a hole through this bulkhead, now what's the story. "I'll tell you everything you want to know." Life just keeps getting more bullshitty. "Tell me about it." Which we can agree is a lot to say with just faces.)

Skip the actual thing entirely, since they just did it awesomely through facial mime, and cut to Kat fessing up all over Starbuck's shoes. "I took the name Louanne Katraine from a girl who died two days before the attack on Caprica. Got me through the background checks." Kara remembers that "times were rough," right around the time most of humanity was exploded, and tells her to keep talking. "I was a drug-runner. Enzo was my supplier. What do you want? We were truckers, okay? We just moved stuff." Which is bad, but not like Cylon bad, and Starbuck is a fuckup too. I can totally see her getting into drugs if she hadn't found piloting after her knee got fucked up. She knows it, and that's not the point: the point is stuff, namely: "People. You see, some think that that's the way that the Cylons infiltrated Caprica. They seeded themselves throughout the Outer Colonies, and then they used criminals to get them into the Capital. Anyone who's found guilty of helping the Cylons is considered a traitor." Kat protests that she didn't ever carry Cylons, and Starbuck asks how she could know -- since nobody knew they looked like us -- and Starbuck just keeps asking and asking and asking. And I didn't really get her point there for a second, because my finely tuned sense of ethics tells me that's not really a valid complaint anymore, but the problem is that she lied -- that she was a drug-runner named Sasha, not a nugget named Kat. She was off the grid and she lied her way in. That's the problem here. Starbuck's right in her face: "How do you know?" Kat asks, at the edge of sense, after all she's been through -- just today even -- if Starbuck's honestly calling her a traitor. She's screaming now, which Starbuck loves, because she gets to be cool and calm and in control. And that's when she's scariest.

"No. I don't think you're a traitor. You're a smart young woman, that's what the old man said." Kat swallows back tears, begging her silently not to bring him into this. "You're just not smart enough to accept who you are," Starbuck says, tasting every delicious syllable. Telling the truth, pretending it's only true for one of them. Kat whimpers, having to look it in the face like that. "You see, you lied your way into the company of good people." Kat begins to weep, begs her outright not to tell the Admiral. "Please don't, or I... " And Starbuck's on it: "Or what?" Or I'll die, is the answer to the question, or something near it. She was CAG for a year and a half. She kicked this whole thing loose already. "Starbuck, please just let me tell him myself. Please just let me. Can you do that?" There's a long pause, and Starbuck spits, disgusted: "Gods." She takes off out of there, leaving Kat alone and sobbing. And I mean to say: Starbuck reaches out to a fellow pilot, dead on the ground, and pulls him to his feet again. The only way she knows how, the only way Mom knew how; she's returning a favor. How the hell do you think she knew to push the Admiral button? That was her story too, until like five minutes ago. The reason these girls can't keep their hands off each other, the reason they can't stop helping and hurting and bitching out and getting all monstery with each other, is that they already know all this, and can't admit it.

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