Drop The Pilot

by Jacob Clifton November 2, 2009
The Plan

"Even robots take their dead," Sam muttered, once Jean had gotten him away from the fight. "There was nothing... I don't know what I'm doing!" Jean begged him to take it easy, to pull it together, but he fell down in front of her, just came to pieces. So she became harder.

On the ninth day, Two sat in his room, playing with his rigged radio, listening to the chatter. Scrolling through the noise and signals, until he could hear her voice. "Listen up," Kara said. "Stay with your wingmen, keep your interval and remember your training." He smiled at her voice; he was already in love. He'd found his moment of clarity; he'd become Leoben. The Hybrid beneath his skin began to move; he focused on her, singing like the voice of God. "On my mark, kick in your burners. Three, two, one, mark. All right, here they come. Ready, break! WOOO!" He grinned, he gloried in her triumph; as she broke away and the signal shivered, he rushed to fix on it again. He followed the sound of her voice like a polestar as she gunned down Raiders, one after the other.

One retrieved a wooden elephant from his things; hearing a sound he looked between the pews of his chapel, and found the little boy. He kicked at them, viciously. "Hey. This is a chapel, not a bus station. You can't sleep here." The boy stared at him and left; One stared after him. Long after he was gone.

Galen laughed at Simon's wife Giana as she reached for O2 cylinders on a high shelf in the engine room, and pulled them down for her. "I'm swapping out the oxygen cylinders on Raptor 702," she explained, but the Chief told her to leave it. "Until two weeks ago, I used to inspect the aircraft for Sun Airways. If I found cylinders in that condition, you'd be looking at a shutdown," she shrugged, and he grinned to himself. "All right, well, grab the spares." There weren't any, of course; she scanned every shelf before accepting it, and the Chief laughed brightly. "Welcome to the Galactica!"

Boomer entered and Galen cleared his throat, suddenly nervous. He introduced her to the new knuckledragger, and she asked him if he needed her for anything. Giana grinned to herself as he stuttered out nothings and Boomer left again, and asked him once she was gone how long they'd been together. "I've seen office romances before. My old job was full of them." Galen, pretending innocence, asked if that was how she met Simon. "He's a medic in the Colonial Fleet. At least he used to be. Our romance had different obstacles. There's always something." The Chief made his thinky face, and once again claimed he had no idea; the Chief giggled, caught in the lie, and that's how Giana made her first friend.

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