Drop The Pilot

by Jacob Clifton November 2, 2009
The Plan

Day 17. Saul followed Aaron Doral quietly down the corridor, calling quietly for a security detail on a bulkhead phone. Bill arrived, and with Saul by his side he called out to Aaron. The Five turned, and smiled, and pulled open his jeweled jacket, revealing the bombs strapped to him underneath it. And when he blew, Saul covered Bill's body with his own. The secret was out. The Marines cordoned and canvassed, showing pictures of Aaron to anybody they saw; Leoben lurked in the hall, clutching his radio, as they passed by. He was very proud of himself, like a rat in the walls.

The Buccaneers brought supply trucks back from the worksite, having pulled together quite an array of weapons and supplies. I love that word materiel, I wish it meant something better. Cavil sat easily in the back of one truck, with Sam; they're identical to the trucks the New Caprica Police will be using the day they manage to kill fucking everybody but Cally, Laura and Zarek. Cavil cleared his throat, put on his mysterious stranger vibe and his priest's smile, and once again began to put God on trial.

"You know, there are those who think this current devastation is punishment for man's sins." Sam asked if that was what Cavil believed, and he answered honestly. "I don't believe it's 'punishment from the Gods,' no. But perhaps... Perhaps the Cylons have assumed the role that the Gods once had..." Sam, perfect wonderful Sam, shivered. "That's a pretty trippy thought," he said, and Cavil nodded sarcastically. "Yeah? Well, they're 1) smiting us pretty well, and 2) there's certainly an abundance of sins to judge..." But Sam couldn't hear him; all he could hear is guilt. "Do you, you know, hear confessions?" Cavil first nodded and agreed, then -- thinking about it more -- began to relish the idea. To hear the confession of God. Sam nods, gratefully, and they exit. Standing there to welcome the trucks back home is Simon; when Sam introduces them there is joy in their reunion. "Maybe a man of the Gods will bring us some luck around here, eh?"

There's an incomplete but intended parallel here, between the Simon with Cavil and the married Simon that keeps running away from One. You can see it, the shape of it, but this is where it starts and it's hard to see at first. One chastens Simon for taking his time; he recalls a Three who also had a problem keeping her appointments. (How long did D'Anna take making that documentary, anyhow?) One explained that he's letting her take her time getting the information, but meanwhile, he asked, was Simon aware of the suicide Aaron? Very courageous. Simon promised to help in other ways, and One scoffed. "I'm a medic. There are other things that I can do." One knew: "The serial-killer option. That's a fine, fine option." He doesn't know it yet, but the Sagittaron are dying down in sickbay. If he'd knew, perhaps he'd have loved that doctor more. Simon was uncomfortable, as One asked him why he was so reluctant to help his people, but then he laughed.

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