Drop The Pilot

by Jacob Clifton November 2, 2009
The Plan

Leoben came to One to plead for Kara Thrace, having listened along in realtime as she returned in her jury-rigged Raider during the maiden flight of the Laura Roslin; he laughed with sheer delight. "Nobody taught her how! Kara Thrace plucked that knowledge from the stream..." One shut him down, exhausted. "I don't care if she plucked puppies from God's ass! You're worse than the frakking Sixes." Leoben promised One that Kara had a destiny, as One's face soured: "She has a destiny. Something beyond us. I'm starting to understand why God loved humankind... Before he changed his mind...?"

One shook his head; too close. The trial, the experiment depends on anonymity. You can't burn off what doesn't work if everybody's in on it. The angels can't ever win back God's love if they start falling for humans, if they start saving them: The humans will always win. Lucifer failed because humans always win, because their love is a choice. It outlasts death. There's no point even creating Hell, much less populating it, when the deck is stacked like this. Everything goes into the Recycling Bin, One knows, because if even one human is left then Ellen and Saul and the rest of them will always choose the human. And that's the hate that drives him.

"If you get a chance," One snarled, "You kill her." Especially her, now that she'd invaded his forces like a virus. And then with the clanging boots coming down the hallway, awesomely, he bounced like so -- "But right now, you've got other problems" -- and vanished like a stage-right Snagglepuss. And elsewhere, they were bringing Gaius into custody, and he was as usual begging for his attorney, and on Caprica Cavil and Four were sniping at each other about their relative lack of success in picking off the C-Bucs; Cavil had promised to bring in a strike, but he was stalling, for reasons he still wasn't sure about. "Thing is, I promised to hear his confession. And we men of the Gods keep our promises." And Four -- busily poisoning their meds and fucking up treatments -- wasn't loving that, but Four couldn't know the real reason Cavil was so hungry for Sam to confess.

Something complicated happened, a shell game of sorts, wherein One grabbed Shelly out of the corridor as the Marines pursued after her, and a madly grinning Six -- maybe Tough? -- crammed on her glasses and put a blonde wig over her darker hair and headed off, further down the hall, and turned a corridor before pulling a Supergirl, so the Marines were just totally buffaloed, and One and Shelly meanwhile headed off in the other direction.

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