Drop The Pilot

by Jacob Clifton November 2, 2009
The Plan

When Giana came home that day, Simon had completely unraveled. His eyes were lit, first with anger and confusion, and then with madness. He kept at her, complaining about their tests on the Raider Kara brought back until she hurt his feelings -- "It's the strangest thing. Half alive!" -- and then getting mean. She was shocked, and he turned it into mania. "It's just that we just barely escaped with our lives and it seems like we ought to be living them, don't you think? Not working all night? Ignoring the child? Is that why we escaped, so you can be a frakking mechanic?" She was astounded; she jerked away from him. So many strange little places, in his heart. The way he went cold sometimes. "Grease under your nails. Look at them! You want to touch your daughter with these hands, baby?"

Their daughter began to cry, as Giana reminded him that she hated every part of the job as much as he suddenly did. "But everyone's doing what they can..." Simon capered angrily while the girl cried: "That's very, very good! Why waste time sleeping? There's an entire race of Cylons out there trying to rip out our frakking throats. We need to spend every moment that we can living. Right?" He grabbed his wife, roughly, trying to dance. Trying to feel everything at once. Scaring the piss out of them both. Giana took the girl and ran; and for a moment Simon knew nothing but rage. But the hole they left, when they were going, he can't turn it off. And he rapidly becomes something new. He is twisted into new shapes by love, and he knows what he must do.

Day 51. Sharon Valerii killed all evidence of her sisters, her sin, her shame. She joined Racetrack on the bridge -- past Lee, in chains for sedition and collusion with the President -- and was congratulated by her Commander for the first major act of deterrent destruction in the war. "You carried out a very difficult and dangerous mission, and you did it despite any personal misgivings you may or may not have had. And for that, I'm very proud." He shook Racetrack's hand, and Sharon's hand reached for his in turn, but Eight had put a gun in it.

She went hard, and cold, and fired. And as he stumbled, falling onto his back, and the world became just screaming and alarms, she stepped toward him again, and fired. They wrestled her to the floor, and Lee held his father in his arms. And as she submerged again, to wonder what she'd done, he was screaming for them both. "Dad! Dad! Dad! Come on!"

"Thus is the beast decapitated," One smirked, and Simon agreed to blow up the Cybele, on the condition that his family be kept safe. "No. You don't want that. You see, if they die now, they'll die without ever knowing what you are."

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