Drop The Pilot

by Jacob Clifton November 2, 2009
The Plan

She's disgusted now, really upset and angry at this one: "Simon killed himself, really killed himself, out of Resurrection range, without blowing up the ship that he lived on, because he couldn't imagine life without his little human wife and his little human daughter, because he loves..." They were both too drunk to stop. He begged her to stop. She finally nodded, and he nearly wept. "Why are they letting you down, One? What's the x-factor?" Murky waters; inky islets and aching archipelagos. She straddled him, but only to get to the door, leaving the room with bottle in hand; the answer was staring them in the face but they were both too warped now to see it: "Can't declare war on love," she hissed, and he didn't even notice she was gone. "I think I already did."

Saul ordered Giana to a briefing room to question her; Galen came along in case he got shitty, which he does in about three seconds. "Some of the electronics involved in overriding airlock security are pretty sophisticated," Saul began, and at the Chief's insistence reminded himself it wasn't an interrogation. "Do you think he was a Cylon because he killed himself?" Giana, in shock, honestly wanted to know. "We could use more Cylons like that, huh?" Dark, even for Galen. At least in those days.

Giana told him to cram it, and Saul reminded her that he never mentioned that word. "Good," she said, nearly angry now. "Sir, I don't know how he knew how to rig an airlock, but he was a smart man. He learned it somewhere." She knew it wasn't murder, because he left a note. She produced it, and Saul's eyes blinked a little faster in reading it. "Love outlasts death." His shame kept him from meeting her eyes again, and he dismissed them. "May I have that back," she gulps, weeping, and when she leaves that room her heart is broken.

Day 53. Simon and Cavil sat in the resistance camp barracks, listening to Kara and Sam flirting and then fucking; Cavil was disgusted. "She got a glimpse of me, but she didn't react. So, if there's a One up in that Fleet, she didn't see him. At least not enough to ring a bell in her tiny brain." Simon laughed at him when he asked what they were doing, and Cavil's stomach turned over. "Oh, for God's sake, why?" Because he loves her, Simon explained.

One was offended, and every joke Simon made -- Sam loved Kara "vigorously"; she was only "beneath him" half the time -- made him angrier, but Simon couldn't know how angry it made Cavil, even now. To sit there and listen to them, these Satanic verses: Her filthy hands on his father's chest. Because he loved her, because he took that love and gave it to a human, whose life was worth nothing: Sophia, Mary Magdalene. Yoko Ono. Disgust pushed Cavil so hard in that moment that he sold her. Anything to get her away from Sam. Not enough to separate them, or kill her: She needed to be destroyed. She needed to be punished. All those dirty parts. "This is wrong! Don't you Fours have a little place, a... What do you call it, a ranch? No: A Farm." When Simon smiled; he showed all of his teeth.

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