Drop The Pilot

by Jacob Clifton November 2, 2009
The Plan

When Cylon was destroyed, she was called Earth. She was the Thirteenth Colony, separated from her brothers by millennia. And only five of her children survived, out of all those millions. They downloaded, the first to do so in thousands of years. And once again the Blaze pursued them, as they went back to save their brothers, before it was too late. When they got there, it was: Forty years too late to save them from the conflagration. And when they stopped the war, it was by making an abomination. The Final Five turned the Centurion's political struggle into an existential one, by giving the beasts not only souls but bodies. And the first thing One did was take the Centurions' minds away again. He turned their existential struggle into genocide. He piloted them into terror.

The Basestar guns went hot as the Pyramid team practiced down on Caprica; down on Picon the fight continued. "If you let someone change you or make you apologize, then you're selling yourself out. You know?" The missiles dropped, like a thief in the night. Tory was looking for efficiency as she drove, yelling into her phone, asking for "the numbers on mayoral staff downtime." She wanted the system like a machine, running silently and effectively, even then. She was a girl with a list. The team on Caprica was drinking to their coach, who'd sunk a three-pointer from across the training field. "If we find a project whose cost is..." Tory shouted, looking for efficiency, willing to sacrifice whatever it took to maintain the system. Ellen chuckled, horny and unsure quite why. Sam dropped to the ground, sighing. "You win, Coach. I'm going down!"

The skies were on fire over all twelve Colonies and the Pink Moon was gone and Tory was screaming at the light and Sarah pushed Gaius down and One held his mother tight and the seas rushed in, covering the cities as the skies burned. Sam stared up at the sky, on his back, waiting for the pressure to build and shove them sideways, remembering Cylon and the moment of his death. "This has happened before," he mumbled to himself, as Sue-Shaun screamed, pointing at the mushroom clouds on the horizon, as Four smiled to himself, team medic standing with the coach, happy to see it begin. The Scorpia shipyards burned, and Pegasus took flight. Simon grabbed his daughter as the Geminon airfields died; the moment had finally come. Shelly Godfrey's shuttle on Canceron was rocked; her glasses never moved. Her smile was a testament to God.

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