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An Argument Against Foxholes

Outside, Duck's smoking a cigarette and looking down at his NCP patch. The two things -- the three things -- he wouldn't do because he loved Nora. Jammer pulls out a smoke and Duck wordlessly hands him his own, to light it. "Thought you quit?" asks Jammer, just in case we forgot the first webisode. "What frackin' difference does it make now?" Duck mumbles. Good point. They smoke and are very quiet.

So there's Duck, okay, who was not religious but lost his family to the Temple atrocity, and now he's joined the collaborationists in order to expose the Resistance member who was willing to leverage the deaths of the Temple folk against recruitment. And there's Jammer, who is religious but went along with the Temple atrocity, and now regrets it, and will probably end up actually being a collaborator. And there's rhetoric on both sides that is simultaneously disgusting and pretty right on. And there's the Cylons, who say they want to work together, and there's the Resistance, who... I'm not clear what they want, actually. Big Daddy Adama to come save them from space, I said, but also to be spies and act creepy and blow up civilians and hurt people.

The legal mind says that Duck is at least working within the system, whereas Jammer is working around the system, which is dicey. I don't know. They both of them lose pretty hardcore -- again, some more -- I guess. But Duck is more adaptable than Jammer, generally, and he's in a much more direct situation, and I think that's what is going to fuck Jammer up: having to think on his feet. Because there's no task list for Jammer's story like there is for Duck's: just a continuing edge he has to walk and remember at any time that he may be making the wrong choice. He actually has to spend every second choosing between the Resistance and actual collaboration, whereas Duck just has to be several men at once. I think it would be better for everybody if the situations were reversed, but I don't know if I have any real strong backup for that opinion beyond the fact that even in the foxhole, Duck's way more of an atheist than Jammer can be trusted to stay true to the Resistance. Duck's a pilot so he has pilot stories, Jammer's got deck stories. Duck's story from here on out, it seems, is a detective story, but Jammer's is closer to an existential one, and I don't trust those bitches.

But also I feel like it really does go back to the Pegasus thing, which is that -- see, here I go quoting existentialism -- it's more important that you stay yourself, true to the thing you've declared, because that's all you have. Period. Like, I don't have a problem with Jean, because she's doing her thing, and I don't have a problem with Chief, because he's Chief. Cally's still Cally. Tigh's like Tigh with a little extra Tigh on top. The only people who have been seriously changed in this story are of course Duck and Jammer, and Duck's still Duck. He didn't go all foxhole religious or anything; he just resumed smoking and got a little more Jean-like. Duck had his support taken away, when Nora died, but Jammer handed his over the second he signed on to desecrate the Temple. And I don't know if that's a big difference or a small one, but it seems big to me, ethically speaking.

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