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An Argument Against Foxholes

Nora can't believe that the Cylons shot this Longo in cold blood, but to be fair, she's been on the show for five seconds. Jammer scoffs that they are saying when they found the stash, he was reaching for a gun. That sounds not unlikely, but Duck is amazed, because Longo, a.k.a. Charlie, would not be stupid enough to do that, so it would seem those frackers murdered him. I feel them on this issue, but I can't help feeling like it's a little silly to be amazed or horrified by Cylons killing your friend. To recap the last two years or so, the Cylons killed ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND ALSO EVERYBODY, and then put you in a concentration camp. Duck doesn't even have the plausible deniability of his wife, because he's been on this show watching the Cylons kill his friends for two seasons. "My hair being on fire sucks, but I've got this hangnail that is driving me nuts!" On the other hand, if it didn't still piss you off then you might as well lay down and die, I guess. I think the part that I find funny is how they're like, "Cylons are so unsportsmanlike!" Like it's enough to argue with the idea that Longo was reaching for his gun, like if that were true it would be fine that they killed him. Like the Cylons even need a reason. Frankly I think it shows real growth and class for them to even manufacture the gun-pulling story, rather than just being like, "We shot Charlie. It was fun. Go ahead and complain and then we will shoot you too, because that is how we roll. Duh."

Off Nora's line that maybe he was kind of asking for it, hiding weapons in his tent, Duck attacks a recruitment poster for the New Caprica Police: "And now they want us to do their dirty work for them? Are you kidding me?" Jammer, note, is all about the upside there: "Get the Centurions off the streets and let us patrol them ourselves? Maybe Charlie would still be still be alive if they had human... " Duck tells him to shut right up: "You work for the toasters, it's treason." He tosses it to the ground with a weird look and remembers curfew; Jammer manufactures a reason to head back to the Tyrol house. He kisses Nora and shakes Duck's hand, and when he's gone they discuss making him their child's godfather.

Cally puts the baby to bed as Chief worries that they won't have an "effective fighting force" put together by the time Big Daddy comes down to rescue them from space, putting Tigh in a bind because A) he believes more fervently than anyone that Adama will always save his ass, but B) he hates hope. So he changes the subject and notes that the guns have to stay in the Tyrol tent for the moment. Cally and Chief are both not feeling this, but Tigh has no time for their family or their baby: "We'll move them as soon as we can." Jammer comes in and confirms that Duck hates the Cylons, but that's all he's got to offer. Tigh reminds us -- and Kat said this before -- that Duck is an awesome Viper pilot with forty kills. "Talk to him, make him understand that we need him! Throw in some poetic crap about the struggle for liberty against the Cylon oppressors, whatever it takes!"

I'm of two minds about Tigh in this little story -- on the one hand I agree with him, because the one thing I've always loved about him and about his wife too is that he doesn't give a fuck beyond getting whatever it is accomplished. On the other hand, you're not really in a position to be cynical about the fact that you have no hope and that "poetic crap" is all any of you have to hold onto. I see him putting the cart just a tad before the horse as far as all this, which is at odds to the fact that he really does believe Bill is going to save his bacon just like always. Putting the cherry on top of his total insensitivity to Baby Nicholas sleeping on top of a gunnery: "We need more people or this resistance movement is going to die in its crib." Classy! We cut before getting to see Cally and Chief be absolutely appalled at his mentioning crib death in front of their baby.

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