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An Argument Against Foxholes

"This is sacred ground," Jammer says. It's something he believes both in the personal and in the political realm: "The Cylons respect that. Which is why we should leave the temple alone." Tigh points out that this makes it the perfect hiding place, and Jammer's not buying: "But it's sacrilege!" Tigh -- and again, I'm on his side to a certain extent, but only because he didn't start out religious -- tells him to say a prayer for forgiveness, then, and take the pussy party somewhere else. The problem I have is that this is very similar in a lot of ways to the Pegasus problem, which is that it's not so much an objective moral issue as the fact that you, yourself, are having to change your own moral code. Rape a robot or not, but you're only getting off on it if you don't really think it's a robot, and that's gross. In the same way, it's either a church or just another tent, depending on how religious you are, but you can't ask somebody else to turn off their feelings about it without going way over the line. Especially when that includes the enemy, and their reverence for your religion is what creates the détente. So it's like double sacrilege? But also, since that's not logically defensible and I yell about it in like every recap: It's a slippery slope issue. You can't let war change who you are, or what you believe. Jammer is being forced to choose, and it's not a choice he should have to make.

THREE: Who's In The Temple & Why

Nora prays in the Duck & Nora tent: "If it pleases you, great Aphrodite, grant us a child." Or Artemis, or Hera. Maybe the problem is that Nora doesn't know her own religion. Or maybe the problem is that the Gods don't want her pregnant: "If it pleased her, you'd be pregnant already," Duck smiles, and she says maybe if he'd come to Temple with her they'd be pregnant. None of which makes any sense, theologically, but I bet in a concentration camp there's a lot of confusion about what the Gods are actually up to. "The Gods help those who help themselves," says Duck, which to me at least proves that, religious or not, he's got the high ground on the rest of these people. Nora throws her shirt in his face and tells him to get to work then. They are very cute. Duck tells her that Jammer and Chief tried to recruit him to the Resistance, and she confirms that he turned them down, thank the Gods, and they reiterate for each other that chrome-plated ass-kissing does not hold a candle to Duck's clearly marked for death bride. He jumps into bed with her and they are adorable some more. Get it while you can, Duck.

Chief, Tigh, Jammer, and Jean are hiding weapons in the Temple, and Jammer does indeed pray for forgiveness from the Gods. Tigh gives him that look he gives people, but come on: this is gross. Even if you're not religious, you have to admit that this is gross.

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