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An Argument Against Foxholes

Hey, remember when Tigh almost shit himself because Admiral Cain scared him so bad? It was kind of comforting to know there were lines he wouldn't cross.

SEVEN: Literally Drinking The Literal Kool-Aid

People are walking through the streets of horrible, awful New Caprica life. Still looking like Burning Man, still smelling like burning garbage. Tigh and Chief are doing some kind of work and Tigh is bitching about "Of all the people for the toasters to grab, it had to be Jammer." He calls him a "little frack" and worries that he'll give up the whole deal. Which is not too weird of him, actually: Jammer's twitchy, and he's also a pushover, and willing to snitch on his fellow man if he thinks they're bad guys. Just like the NCP! Way to tie in that character continuity! That is awesome. He's so joining the NCP, I bet. Chief says Jammer's a pain in the ass, but not a traitor, and Tigh says something encouraging and hopeful.

New Caprica Detention Center, the first building the Cylons made. Jammer paces an interrogation cell and yells at himself about how he's completely fracked. Doral enters in the usual game-show-host teal jacket. "Sorry to keep you waiting. Have a seat, if you would?" Jammer asks what he wants; Doral slides him a big bottle of red Kool-Aid, then takes out a knife and slits the cuffs around his wrists. "Can I call you James? Or do you prefer Jammer?" That depends, am I over the age of ten?

Doral apologizes on the cuffs and says that was totally unnecessary. "Can you tell me why I was arrested?" Doral explains that he's not under arrest, he's there to have a conversation about the missing three thousand... wrong webisodes. He's there to talk about the Temple massacre.


Jammer is not feeling this conversation: "All I know about the Temple is that you blew ten innocent people to pieces." Doral says, though it may be hard to believe -- and it is -- the Cylons feel just sick about it. He blames the Centurions, but what, are they going to take offense? They're walking toasters for real. "But I think if you're honest with yourself, you'll admit that the shooting wasn't entirely our fault." Jammer calls this "bullcrap," always funny, and Doral reminds him that they've always left the Temples alone. Jammer repeats Tigh's thing about how, guns in the Temple aside, it was still Cylons that killed the people and bloodied the celery. "True. And I accept full responsibility for that. But bringing instruments of death into a house of worship is a sin. Don't you agree?" Seriously!

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