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An Argument Against Foxholes

Jammer takes a big old motherfucking sip of the Kool-Aid.

"Think about it, James. Whoever hid those weapons in there must have known we'd catch wind of it. Maybe they even leaked the information to us. Maybe they wanted it to happen." Oh, damn. This just got very interesting, actually. I might like a sip of that myself, there, Jammer. "Because some people are afraid of peace. Afraid to stop fighting. Afraid of what they might be without it. But you're not one of those people, are you James? You'd like to put all this bloodshed behind you. Get a place of your own one day, a farm maybe. A wife, kids, a life." Doral tells him this is possible: for Jammer, for Doral, for everybody.

Doral spins some poetic crap that is at least as good as the revolutionary poetic crap: "Individuals like you and I have to be brave enough to demonstrate there is a better way. Others are already doing it. That juice comes from farms right here on New Caprica where Cylons and humans are working together. Growing things, instead of killing each other. The power grid is almost complete. So is the water system, thanks to your engineering teams and ours." Sounds great until he hits the clincher: "And when we can finally have human beings policing the streets instead of Centurions... "

Jammer stands up and yells about how I was wrong and no way is he joining the S.O.L. or the NCP or whatever you wanna call it. "That's never going to happen, I'm not a frackin' collaborator." Doral questions his terms: "All I'm asking is that you help me prevent another tragedy like the Temple shooting." How? With this little keycard microchip, which Jammer can show at the gate of the Detention Center and they'll let him in immediately. "If you hear of anything that could lead to more bloodshed, get a hold of me. Maybe the two of us can find a way to stop more innocent people from being killed."

Doral takes off, leaving the door open, and Jammer stares at the keycard. I don't know: "they have a plan" and all that. I think this is one case where you have to impute a certain amount of creepiness no matter how delicious and refreshing the Kool-Aid is.

NINE: Boomer Told Me

Chief's waiting for Jammer when he comes out of the Detention Center. The gates are automatic and for a second I got excited thinking about how maybe the jail was alive, like a Raider, and how maybe all of that stuff is alive, like the Basestars and the Resurrection Ships and all. I think I could deal with Cylon jail a lot easier if it was alive, for some reason. You could say, "Hi," and sing little songs to it, and maybe feel peaceful. I don't know what I'm talking about. That Kool-Aid was strong.

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