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(Zeus and Athena are mentioned, but Unseen; Faith pushes back.)

Sam explains on the bridge about how Leoben's Baseship was attacked, that they were ambushed by their own kind, and Gaeta savors the irony of the Cylons asking to be rescued by the Fleet. But that's not exactly it, it's not "the Cylons," the "them," that he's talking about. And I realize since they're the Cylons it's hard to imagine, but Sam's talking about the civil war: "Well, he's proposing an alliance between us and his damaged Baseship." Seelix wonders how that's supposed to work, and flips her totally sexy hair. "Yeah, are supposed to leave them piggyback on our nav and FTL systems and help them jump out of harm's way?" Sam shakes his head at Gaeta: "They'll join forces with the Fleet." Gaeta scoffs, but even Helo's having trouble with that one. "If it's true..."

Felix and Seelix, scared, jump right up his ass about it: "Are you actually thinking about doing this?" Felix calls him XO, begs him to listen: "Bringing Leoben on board, that was questionable at best. But jumping back to his Baseship? It's suicide." Karl tells them nothing's been decided. She is only a woman possessed! Wait, and have patience with her for a time. Tick-tock, buddy.

Sharon, who has no time for any of this, who loves her family and her family of warriors with all the love an Eight can hold, whose uniform is a piece of her heart she can look at any time she likes, who fears the chaos and loves the comfort of control, who misses her daughter and has never quite approved of the wide berth her husband gives his friend, who is the one to tether Karl down when his heart and his belief threaten to carry him away, this is the Sharon that speaks. She speaks with the voice of Athena, shocking even Karl. "And will you trust Starbuck to make the right decision? Because she's out of control. We are running on fumes, Anders. In two days we are gonna be overdue for our rendezvous with the Fleet. We gotta do something before she takes us all down with her."

Helo asks if this is mutiny she's suggesting, reminds her again of her remit as a soldier. I don't think either of them mean to be condescending with each other, but it's interesting. She initiated him into this world, down on New Caprica: taught him that the Cylons can love, and fear, and would die for the ones that they love. Her trust, here, would be the pivot on which they all would tilt, but instead: she explains to him how to be a soldier, and he reminds her what being a soldier means: "You want to tear this ship apart, then keep riling up the crew making your crazy Starbuck cracks. Otherwise, I suggest you both shut the frak up." Sharon tells him again that it's a trap: "Cylons are gonna capture the freighter, they're gonna have nav data straight back to the Fleet." Which is sensible, after all, and even Kara couldn't ... oh. Hey, Kara.

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