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All That We Are

"Why?" Just one word, to a man covered in blood.

"Because that part of you is gone. I told you when I first came aboard this ship that you had changed. I look at you now, I don't see Kara Thrace. I see... an angel, blazing with the light of God. An angel eager to lead her people home."

Downstairs, the villagers are restless indeed. Seelix: "This is bad. This is really bad..." She's not wrong. Neither is Felix: "She can't explain this one away." So then, Karl asks again, is she a Cylon? "Starbuck's racked up more kills than any pilot in the Fleet." To which Pike responds that, yes, Starbuck maybe okay was this ace pilot, but they still don't know who the hell got off the Viper two months ago. Was it a raven? Or a dove?

Kara enters, and they stand, and she takes the center of the room. It was a funeral all along.

"I'm not really very good at any of this. We've all come to remember Sergeant Erin Mathias. To grieve for our loss. To honor her.

"Mathias is dead. Because of me."

"We've all heard the words, the prayers, but I don't know what any of it means anymore. We want to believe that she died for something. But in this war, people die and it is just ... stupid, it's an accident. There's no nobility to it. There's nothing we can grab onto that's gonna make it any easier. They're just gone. I have to live with that."

She changes topics, but she's still moving too fast. She tries to speak human language, and they can't hear her.

"You know, I know that this has been a difficult mission. And maybe I haven't..."

Nothing. Too long without anything. Nothing comes from nothing, but silence. They stare. Felix steps forward, better than he has been in years, shining with it, his voice tender and worried and anxious in the silence: "Captain, we've downloaded the rendezvous coordinates to the FTL. We're ready to jump back to the Fleet on your order." Felix can forgive.

"...We're not going back to the Fleet," Kara explains, freaking Pike the hell out. "We came out here to complete a mission. That Baseship has something to do with it, I know it. Captain Agathon, lock down the ship, prepare to jump." She leaves, reminded by his kindness and Leoben's words of who she is, what's she's becoming. Back on the track, guided by her daemon. We're not going back to the Fleet, we're going to find Earth.

"No, you know what? Frak her, and frak her little pet Cylon, okay?" Hotdog reaches out to Pike, shouting his name. "This Baseship was never part of the mission, okay? One of us is dead now. One of us is dead, and if we don't leave right now we are all going to die, all right?" Hotdog begs him to let it go: she's dragged him through this more than once. He called her to the dance, once. There's a scuffle, and Helo yells at everyone to stand down, but Pike has had it. After two months, Pike is done. Should have known anybody that hot would end up some kind of redshirt. "We're all gonna die! Get out of my way!" Helo reminds him of his orders, and tells him to back off again. "You better choose which side you're on, Captain..." This is the price of command, this is what XO's have to do. Button up: "Walk away. Walk away and this doesn't go any further!"

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