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"That's assuming we believe the Cylon," says Felix. True. "That's assuming we believe that Leoben's coordinates are right. We don't jump into a nest of baseships, or the middle of a star..." All true, all possibilities. Helo joins the chorus: "Galactica's standing orders are clear. If we miss the rendezvous, Adama will assume we're dead or captured. They will leave us." Kara knows better: "No. Not Adama." Helo swears to her that they can jump to Galactica, re-supply, come back out with an armed patrol. An entire plan, that takes everything into account. Almost everything: she begs him not to do this. It's not love she's asking him for, it's faith. She leans forward, like Cain, steely.

After one sad moment, he shakes his head. "I can't allow you to risk the lives of this ship's crew..." Kara speaks. "When the Admiral put me in command, he told me to trust my instincts. Find the next marker, see if it checks out. Lead the people from the Fleet home. That is what I intend to do. Now...prepare to jump!" He can't. Sam stares. Kara relieves him from duty, and in a beat of silence names Gaeta the new XO. "Prepare to jump, on my mark." She's hurt by his refusal. Sam begs everybody to stop, to think about what they're doing. Helo and Athena, Hotdog: they all look down, at the floor.

"They have thought about it, Sam. They all have. It's a mutiny."

And Karl Helo, nearly crying, under Article X of the Colonial Military Code and speaking as the XO of the Demetrius, relieves the Captain of her command.


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Battlestar Galactica




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