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"And most importantly, I began with myself."

Athena speaks to her husband, in a hushed hiss, a whisper-yell: "'Third time's the charm'? And you just went along with it?" She is only a girl possessed! Wait, and have patience with her for a time. "It's called following orders, Lieutenant." His sigh is eloquent. "It's called dragging our feet. Starbuck's pushing our go-back deadline to the last second. She's afraid of what Adama's gonna say when he realizes her vision was just a pipe dream..." Like a daughter to a father, like a friend to a long-lost loved one, the Galactica pulls her back. Kara gives them all a wacky look, suited up and ready to fly, and heads for the Vipers.

"You've gotta be kidding me," Athena spits. I wish there were more Sharon and Karl alone in this episode because they're so funny, and so believable, but leaving out Athena's take on all this bullshit is a real misstep. Mathias: "She's taking a Viper out now?" Seelix is astounded as well, but Gonzo (Pike) has had it up to here: "Maybe she could do a little fingerpainting in the cockpit?" (Heh. I respect Kara's bullshit because I believe that she will lead the Fleet to Earth and this is exactly how, but I also respect everybody's right to call bullshit on Kara, because my God is she crazy and irritating right now. I guess they don't have a copy of Crapped-On Messiahship For Dummies & Former Assholes in the Galactica bookshop.) Helo tells them, for not the first time, to cram it. "Two more days and we're back with the Fleet, okay? Until then, everyone just shut up and do your jobs." The crew is restive; Athena and good old Hotdog join Kara on the CAP.

Starbuck sits in her Viper, begging the angel to come. She can hear it, feel it on her skin, the call, all around her. There's something waiting in the darkness. "Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on..."

"Starbuck, Hotdog. Didn't catch that. What are your orders?" Ha! I didn't know Hotdog had it in him. Helo tells him to shut up and be nice: "You know the drill. Keep your eyes open and stick close to Starbuck's wing." That's all we do now: keep our eyes open, try to keep her wing.

"... I know you're out here somewhere. Come on..." To invoke and to evoke: the two ways of dealing with spirits, with daemons and angels and everything in-between. She's evoking him, calling him from the darkness, begging for the angel. She doesn't understand that she's her own Chip, and always was. Who has the grace to accept that amount of glory, or that amount of pain? I think that as long as its Earth calling her, none of these obstacles are her fault, that she can't admit the possibility that maybe it's her, calling Earth across the galaxies. She's still not crazy enough to fully admit that she painted the sky. She's still too much human to realize she's originating the ping.

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