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"I'm sorry. The difference between the way you were on New Caprica and now..." She swears she's the same person, tired of having this conversation, and he just nods with that peaceful, creepy Leoben calm. "I have eyes. I can see. God has taken your hand and purged you of the questions, the doubt. Your journey can finally begin. But there isn't much time. The others, the ones I left behind, they need your help. But not as much as you need theirs." He leans close. "Your crew," he whispers. "They don't trust you." You don't have to be a very clever Cylon to notice that, it's inscribed in every line their bodies make. Kara tries to ask him why he's there, why he came when she prayed for the daemon, but Helo's already moving him out.

"A blue planet! Surrounded by clouds..." She screams at them to stop; everybody stops. Everybody stares at this, the Captain; at what might be their deaths, happening right before their eyes in slow motion. "...The Hybrid. When she first described it to me, how beautiful it was, I cried. You need to go to her, Kara. The Hybrid, she'll tell you things. Amazing things!" I'm not giving up my dream of margaritas with an Oracle and the Hybrid, but Kara talking to one is almost good enough. Helo puts his body, his gigantic scary body, between them: "We're done here. Get him out of here." They wrestle him around, back toward the hatch, and Kara shouts. "Wait! Take him to my quarters." Which is, to be fair, enough for mutiny right there, because: what? "Just do it!" And how much you wanna bet it's Helo that makes them follow? And where the eff is Sam? Still on scout? He needs to get his ass in here and play Pyramid with a motherfucker.

Tory finds Galen in the launch tube, staring around, taking in the angles and the depths of his wife's tomb. "It may never make any sense." That doesn't stop us asking, like Phoebe, like Starbuck, begging the senseless facts to assemble themselves. "Hangar deck crew tells me you've been obsessing over this place. Going over the logs. Replaying the accident again and again." Galen repeats the word -- "accident" -- and turns his eyes to Tory. "I spoke to Cottle. Cally was on moxopan and cosapine, antidepressants. How does she go from antidepressants to suicide?" Galen Tyrol, you need to learn about antidepressants if you're ever going to figure this one. Tory points out that Cally was emotionally disturbed, but is so total classy that she doesn't mention this has been true since the First Exodus, if not before.

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