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"She would've left me. She never would've left Nicky behind." Which is a good point: if it were just the affair, no amount of crazy would have made her bring Nicky. We only eat our young when we're afraid. "So what do you think, then? Someone killed her? Galen, you have to let it go." Not happening. "What if she knew?" How on Earth would she know? Tory knows, and can't tell him: can't pick this knot apart for him, and set his mind at ease. First because it wouldn't, and second because he would kill her ass. But that doesn't mean it isn't sad, or that it doesn't bum her out. Tory's got a lot on her plate right now anyway; it's a full-time job convincing yourself you don't have a heart. Especially when it keeps beating, and yearning, and hurting just the same as it always has.

"Maybe she sensed it. I mean, she was your wife. You've been ... different, since the Nebula. Maybe she was afraid of you." Workable. Don't push it ... "Maybe it was God's will. We don't know why these things happen, but God does. And He has plan for us." Oh, Tory. Always with the evangelism now, when you know he doesn't want to hear it. Which is, I guess, a pretty concise definition for evangelism: telling people shit they don't want to hear, hoping that it helps them the way it's helping you. Even if it's not.

"For whatever reason, her death, our awakening... You gotta trust that it's all for the best." Galen asks why the eff she's even there bugging him, which is hilarious, and then some of the best acting of the entire series, not counting EJO and MM and KS, totally happens. "Because we are in this together. And I am here for you, Galen. I know exactly where you are right now, I have been there." This first part is awesome because she says it exactly like Laura Roslin, and I feel like we know this actress well enough to know that this is a choice. I've always loved the natural nature of Sharma's line readings, but this scene is like a documentary, they're so well said, and so clearly and precisely intentioned. She's gotta thank the Lord every day for the opportunity to play this great character, and she's doing such a good job on top of it. I think that I have fallen in love with an actress.

"Until Gaius helped me realize that... What," she says off his glance, which is my actual favorite part: "Blah blah Gaius, God has a plan, blah blah ... Fucking what. I'm just telling you how it is. Jesus, Galen. Just let me talk crazy for a sec."

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