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But this part isn't crazy, and it's not even evangelism, it's the good part of the sermon, and the reason I think Tory's going to get it eventually: "Whatever has gone before. Whatever I have done: it doesn't matter. We can still change." It's that last line that changes it, I think, into something at least a little hopeful. The first article of faith in Baltarism: We can still change. This is not all that we are. "You spend way too much time with Baltar," Galen snits, and bounces. Everywhere he goes, they keep forgiving him: first the deck crew and the pilots, and Gaius on the radio, and now even the fucking evil Cylons are telling him it's possible to be okay again.

Anders finally comes back from his scout, landing his Viper and asking for the update: "Guess I missed all the excitement, huh? So, what's the deal? This Leoben, has he said anything?" Like did you know Samuel T. Anders is a total Cylon? No? Nothing like that? Gaeta doesn't know -- and he's bitchy about it, awesomely, as usual -- because nobody knows, because Kara told guards to wait outside and take off his cuffs. "Said she didn't want to be disturbed." (I was going to make a joke here about Leoben being Model Number Two and how Kara's dropping a deuce on everybody, but that would be kind of tacky and I don't think Gaeta would approve. Maybe I'll tell you later.) Anders kind of Sams around about how maybe he'll go check up, and Gaeta powertwinks it like whoa: "Yeah why don't you do that." Gaeta is being just so awesome this week. I wish he had a little earpiece and a clipboard.

A girl stands alone in her room, painting the sky. A woman stands in her room, in the arms of her lover. A prophet stands in the light of her angel and daemon, writing stories only they can read. He is there as emissary of the Hybrid, he speaks the language Kara's learning, the one I always try to catch pieces of. He's a monster but he's not there as a monster, he's there because he's heard the same song, and more of it. He's Leoben, I never said he wasn't. I think the reason Two stays safe when Three gets boxed is that he's smart enough to translate it back into language the Cylons understand, like the men at Delphi; his line is unified enough that his personal obsessions never threaten the collective. Which is bad, because I think the balance between sex and God gets fucking creepy if you're him, but maybe we don't know the whole story yet. I've been wrong before and I do try to look for the good.

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