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You Are All A Lost Generation

Meanwhile, back in the fight that is simultaneously really important and just ghastly enough that I wandered away for a few paragraphs, Lee is telling his father... you know what? Fuck it.

Apollo: You have no idea. You have no frakking idea!
Adama: What, you think yours is deeper?
Apollo: Well...
Adama: -- Yours is greater? In two weeks, there's going to be a trial, and I'm going to do what I was chosen to do, and so are you. You build a frakkin' nest around that man, and you protect his ass.

Commercial, thank God, and then down in the Tool Room -- not to be confused with the setting of the last scene -- Chief's showing the bomb to everybody. I mean everybody, people that have never ever been down there before: Kelly, Cally, Athena. "Frakker meant business this time. That thing had gone off, we'd be picking up Raptor and people parts with tweezers." Kelly goes off on a Dr. Robert Rant that has nothing to do with anything but setting up his deus ex crazy at the end of the episode. "Every day I wave jocks out there. A lot of them are my friends. People I care for and love. It's hard enough watching them die in battle, but rickshawing Baltar's frakkin' attorney around? Frak that." Translation: "My job is stupid, and I'm a background character, but the people hate Gaius Baltar." Cally opines that "the Cylons want us to destroy ourselves, and this is how they're doing it." Translation: the stupider people still kind of love Gaius Baltar, and the nonexistent Cylons dated my husband, who is now slumming. Athena gives her a look that needs no translation, and she starts up again: "By planting bombs, making suspicious of each other. You know what's funny? By the time the Cylons catch up with us they won't even have to attack. They'll just clean up the mess we made. I think they're here." The one that is tells her she's wrong, and Cally for once doesn't act like a jerk for its own sake: "Okay, all I know is I kissed Nicky this morning and it could've been the last time." Chief tells her to settle down and she mentions that he kissed him too: what will the Cylons take from her next? "Some of us don't get a second chance. Or a third." Having had enough of Cally's bullshit -- and outlasting me by at least the last five minutes -- Sharon finally takes off. Workplace bigotry is so Cally's style. The Chief decides to take the bomb to the Admiral, last seen having a hissy fit about bombs.

Apollo shrieks at Lampkin about security measures for fifteen minutes, about how not only doors but also books, shoes, visitors, sunglasses, sexy attorneys, dead girlfriends, estranged fathers, estranged grandfathers, workout gear, DVD box sets: all of these are potentially deadly. Romo's like, "A) Got it. B) If they're going to kill me, they're going to kill me one way or the other, because evil is always smarter than Lee Adama." He then immediately offers a standing bribe to visit "the Cylon woman." YAY!

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