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You Are All A Lost Generation

Outside Lampkin's apartment, the brimstone of his exit moments ago still wafting down the corridor, Firguski's got a box for him. "Files from Colonial One." I don't understand what anybody's job is anymore. The tiny weak kitten-hold I had on it is gone. Next week: LSO Kelly as the lunch lady. "Finally," Lampkin twinkles. "I thought I'd get all these after the trial was over." The Marine guards tell Figurski to put the box down for testing (smart, considering Figurski would have been like third on my list, after Cally and Seelix), and Figurski bitches and moans, of course, about how he was there "when Kelly x-rayed them." "It's papers," he [drink!]s. The Marine picks up the box, now certified non-explody, and doing so he notices a tiny little screw on the floor. What seems like light years away, Romo's entering his personal code on his quarters' keypad, and somehow this Marine -- who may well be a Cylon from the eyeballs on him -- notices the missing screw from the pad. He shouts at Romo and crushes him to the floor; they're enveloped in the blast. Next season, watch for Romo acting squirrelly and making out with an invisible Marine all the time.

(What an awesome idea I have just had!) In Sickbay, Romo's on an oxygen tube, but I'm guessing the Marine's dead, because that's what happened the last two bombings. Major Lee Stressed Out brings Lampkin his bag -- "before the hounds got to it," Lampkin leprechauns -- and Romo tells him to open it. Lee produces first Laura's Roslin's glasses, wonders if he's going over the edge right now or just in a little while, and gives Romo a confused look. "The President's glasses. She looks better without them." They... chuckle. This is one of those scenes that makes me less troubled by Lee or Lampkin or the content of the scene, and more troubled by Michael Angeli, because this conversation is creepy as hell but not in a way that furthers the plot. "They're serious. Serious catches on, in the courtroom," he explains, and Lee nods. Appearances. Deceit. And the button? "Your father's. From the deck. Right after you found the bomb underneath the Raptor. Here, kitty, kitty... heh. Ow. It was hanging by a thread." The President is serious; the Admiral is hanging by a thread. Lee's catching on, like a virus: "They tarnish so fast." The unspoken. "It was like that when I plucked it. Everybody else...Tigh, the others, you...all shiny. The soldier in him has had enough for a while. He'll be glad to sit in that courtroom and fire his missiles there." One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh.

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