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You Are All A Lost Generation

"We still have a case pending. If you want to help, if you dare help ... get this to my client." Lee wonders if they really do, and Romo coughs. "I have a calling. Eh, it's all the ringing in my ears tells me." The ringing in his ears, like Seelix's; the calling, like Seelix's. Like Lee's, now that he's answering. The final item takes Lee's breath away. "... Okay, you better explain this," he says, shaking with adrenaline. It's a detonator or something, a part we've seen on the other bombs. Romo says he doesn't know what it is, but Lee does. His voice is harsh: "Where'd you get it?" From the guy that "scolded you like a schoolboy," Romo says. "Frakkin' with your head. What's-his-name; Mr. Serious." All in terms of Lee, of what he did to Lee, of why Lee is currently angry and powerless and sad: what they took away, the power that was lost, the LSO lording it over the CAG. He's good. "... Uh, Kelly," he says, like he's barely heard the name. Little does he know that Kelly's been popping up all over the ship for no reason, in like every scene he doesn't belong in, so we'll recognize him at the big reveal in a second that makes no sense.

Lee's stricken, and we cut to the pilots' bunks, where Lee is going all Homicide and slapping bomb parts around and getting in Kelly's face. I... don't know what to do with this. You figure it out, or what it means, or how it happens, because I'm willing to admit that I might just be blind to the point here, because it seems an awful lot like Dr. Robert's excuse that made no sense a few weeks ago.

Kelly: I never would've let Athena go airborne with you on the Raptor. I would've stopped it, you know that.
Apollo: Yeah, I know that.
Kelly: You better lock me up. And I don't want any trial. I won't stop, I will keep trying. I'll keep at it, I will. I did my job, sir. And I have done my job for two years now. Every day I sent people out to fight. I cleared them all to die. So many people...I just got tired of living with that. You ask that man if you had to choose between giving his life up for a Cylon or a human, what do you think he'd say? I had to do something.

I mean... what does any of that mean? "Fighter pilots die, like Starbuck died for example. This makes me hate my job, because I am confused about the words 'war,' 'fighter' and 'pilot.' Also the word 'job,' and also what it is that I do exactly, which is not what I am saying it is*. Somehow, this has to do with Gaius Baltar, because he is not a pilot, and therefore I am blowing up lawyers. I am also blowing up some pilots, like Sharon, because it's sad when pilots get blown up. But not lawyers. But I hate my job, and plus I am crazy now and a serial killer, and will continue to blow up lawyers, and Sharon, to save the pilots from getting blown up, unless I'm the one blowing them up."

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