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Apollo's briefing the pilots, as best he can. Helo corrects him a few times and puts everybody, regretfully, on double shifts. Narcho in particular is very sleepy and worried about Lee's scattered state. When Apollo assigns Sharon to shuttle runs, Racetrack warns her to check her back seat, and the pilots laugh. Lee tries to join in: "Hey, hey, you got lucky, Starbuck! If I were you, I would seriously consider buying a..." Narcho's smile falls; Hotdog's follows. Lee realizes what he's done, and breaks a little more. "Racetrack," he corrects himself. "I'm sorry." He dismisses them once and they look at him, worried, so he dismisses them again.

"It's so comforting to know that you're not afraid!" says Laura to the new attorney, up in shiny Colonial One. "You're not afraid to represent the most hated man alive," Angeli reiterates for us the scale and scope of what we already knew was going on here, and follows up with a question so stupidly on the nose as to seem rhetorical: "The question is, why?" Oh, is it? "For the fame, the glory," says Romo Lampkin. Romo Lampkin. Sigh. He's dreamy as ever. You know, I even watched Medium once because he was on it. My Badger. Here, he's wearing silly sunglasses indoors, and speaking with a crazy accent as usual; mostly, his name is: Romo Lampkin. Wherefore? Like there was a contest at a grade school to name the character, but somehow Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and George Lucas teamed up on it instead. Romo Lampkin, the fleet-fingered defense attorney. "You worked in the public litigation office on Caprica," says Adama, hating lawyers but unsure whether Lampkin's lawyer enough. "You think you have the qualifications to handle a case of this magnitude?" Lampkin assures the Admiral he was "born for this," and I think implies that anyone with a pulse could pull this case. Off-camera, someone hurls a cat onto the desk; Roslin reacts like she's having a brain aneurism, for some reason. I always figured Laura would like cats. "Lance belonged to my wife. Don't worry, he doesn't scratch or bite like she did. If it's of any comfort, I despise him [Gaius? The cat?] as much as you do having to hire me. So...there it is. Shall we get started?" Ex-wives are as hilarious as... what's a really lazy joke that's really, really hoary and unfunny? Lawyers? They're as hilarious as lawyers. Oh, wait!

The Admiral puts Lee on Lampkin's security, pissing off Lee no end. "So that's it, you're grounding me?" Not that the Lawyer Bomber is a kiddie ride, but when you've lost two children to Vipers, you're allowed to hedge. Zak knew he wasn't ready to fly, but Kara put him up there anyway. Kara knew she wasn't ready to fly, but Lee put her up there anyway. No more decisions being made by anybody; no more anybody-but-the-Admiral telling Lee who to be. "If whoever set that charge is one of our own, then you're the only one I can trust." Lee whines some more, and Bill tells his son it's "an important job," that he "needs Lee's help." Lee abruptly protests that he's "fine," reading the unwritten, and Bill assures him he's not. Why? "Because I'm not." Lee snits that maybe Bill needs some rest, and the Admiral steps back into command: "Helo will be stepping in as CAG. I want you on this ship. Not up there, not until you this out." Lee nods and whines some more. People don't actually talk, think or act like this, ever, except on TV shows.

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