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As the Quorum and press shout and freak, and Laura's migraine shifts into overdrive, Lee thinks for a second and realizes he's got the perfect opportunity to make Laura love him again, and forgive him again, and meet his gaze, and to prove his worth. As he stands, Laura chuckles bitterly to Zarek, but Lee keeps going.

"Madam President, I'm sure we can all understand the importance for the need for security. Coming from the military, it's my experience that we sometimes err too strongly on the side of caution. So for the sake of reassuring my colleagues and hopefully putting this matter to rest, would it not be fair to say that you and Admiral Adama are naturally exploring all possible routes to Earth?" A female Delegate applauds this speech. Laura stands up, her face so terrifying and bright that Lee is nearly pushed down into his seat again.

"Mr. Adama, we are all anxious to receive the benefit of your experience. But, um, I personally don't feel the need to have a junior delegate appoint himself my spokesman. Let's move on. Jacob, you had a matter on the table. Would you please continue?" Cantrell begins to ask for medical supplies for the Sagittarons, as if purely to poke the bruise "Woman King" left in its shitty wake, and Lee calls for a point of order. ["I agree; whoever this Jacob dude is, he really needs to shut up about the Sagittarons." -- Joe R] Cantrell yields the floor. "This relates to your Executive Order 112," Lee explains. Laura considers him. "112," she says. It's not a question.

"...Which establishes a system of tribunals, the judges chosen by you, answerable only to a special court of appeals..." Laura looks at Tom, perturbed; he doesn't meet her eyes, and she stands. "... The judges of which would also be chosen by you. Effectively it creates a justice system that further and dangerously concentrates power into the hands of the Executive." Playa Palacios and the rest of the press start freaking out. "Namely, into your hands, Madam President. Far from being independent or impartial, it would actually damage the very idea of justice. Even the illusion of the idea of justice." He's so snotty, so hurt. It reminds me of nothing so much as Gaius, back in the weeks leading up to the election, when he'd just get so proud with her. Even worse when it's Lee, flying too close to the sun. Even better, too.

"Thank you, Mr. Adama. The order you're referring to, Executive Order 112, is actually a work in progress, and the changes it proposes are provisional. It is a first step, a tiny step, but the first step in a larger plan, actually, to create a fair and comprehensive legal system. Which you, of all people, can admit we sorely need. Now naturally, I was going to bring it to the Quorum to open it up for debate once it was finished, which it isn't. But since you've brought it into the public today, I propose that we put it on the docket for the next full session. Is that satisfactory to you, Mr. Adama?" He looks down, quieted. Tom is quiet. Laura is disgusted. Lee thinks he won, but he didn't. I like it. I like this a whole lot, actually: this idea that idealism and pragmatism must unify the Fleet together, even as the Cylons are splitting disastrously apart.

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