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A Fleet of Basestars jump together into naked space. You can see Orion's Belt, although I'm not sure it's on purpose. I hope so, because what a weird mistake to make at this point. Natalie's Eight immediately notices that the Resurrection Ship didn't make the jump, but can't tell if it's because they're having FTL trouble. Obviously it's a trap, you two. Get the frak out of there! Basestars jump in like jacks on the sky, zooming closer; and the Eight tells a nervous Natalie that Cavil's baseships are breaking formation. They take up positions around the group of Natalie's Basestars, and she finally admits that they're under attack. "Alert the others! We need to jump now." Her terrified line reading of that, the swallowed "now," is just excellent. There's a blast that rocks her up against a console, and takes out their FTL, and Natalie screams. "No Resurrection Ship. They're really trying to kill us."

Presumably, this is what happens, although I find it hard to believe. Missiles take out at least three baseships, and the field of fire becomes the liquid interface on Cavil's shape. He runs his hands through it, with a Doral in the background, and comforts a shaking Boomer. "Just remember they started it." She's unsure, afraid; this is what being a robot is like. "But we're killing them. We're truly killing them. My own sisters..." He doesn't look at her, just plays in the interface. "They can trust their God to watch over their immortal souls." And what about theirs? "We're machines, dear. Remember? We don't have souls."

Which is what Boomer wanted, after all. She's just a fool, too, learning new ways of being, new ways of cutting herself off. Allowed to play; allowed, for the first time, to be a Cylon. Given that permission by Brother Cavil, to join in the collective and bow down to the unity of his faith.

So then, this is the test. Holy absolution in the cold light of the engine and the circuit, a brand new life in the love of Cavil's God, or the lives of her beloved sisters? She was once beautiful, but a bullet and fast current took that away from her. All she was, all that she thought she was, all that she was certain about were taken away from her. It begins with these bodies, scattered and unresurrected: "We love you, Sharon. And we always will."


(In which we burn off what doesn't work, and receive the scars to prove it.)

Cally sits in her quarters among dark stars, burning on the walls. Tory touched the Chief. She opens the bottle and sees things that never happened: the Chief kissing Tory's cheek. She remembers, as the baby cries, Galen's arms around her, around her belly where their family grew. She became a mother. She was Galen's girl, and a mother, and she had a family beyond the hangar deck, beyond the family she'd built when the Cylons and Gaius Baltar made orphans of us all. One bottle is empty, then several. The Chief touched her face, with love. In love with her, with Cally. On New Caprica they started fresh, at the Admiral's word they were able to start fresh. She became a revolutionary, throwing herself after Galen on the engines they'd built with their blood. She thinks a thought you don't think, mired in misery and lost in a fog. She touches her baby one last time, and goes to shut the hatch. And in the hinge there is a note, in a strange hand: Weapons Locker 1701D 1330h.

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