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The Girl On The Cliffside

"Bitter and sweet, tinged with regret. I'll never be free of her, nor do I want to be."

Nobody's going anywhere. He finally looks over at her, apology in his eyes, and though she doesn't meet them, she smiles in his direction, with tears in her eyes. This moment is sweet, but it is tinged with regret: she can forgive, but not everything.

"For she is what I am. All that is, should always be."

Laura takes this promise and these words and this strength back to Colonial One, and puts on her face. She stands, never wavering, never letting them see her sweat. At her side are Tory and Zarek, watching Lee Adama take his place in the Quorum.

"I am grateful and consistently inspired by the compassionate and forthright leadership of President Roslin. By the wisdom of my father, whom some of you may know..." There is polite laughter from the assembled press and representatives. Laura doesn't take her eyes off him, glinting angrily; Tom doesn't look away from him either. "And by the support and advice of my valued friends. Some of whom, you may be shocked to hear, are not Capricans. And so I am honored to accept this appointment to the Quorum, in the hope that I can continue Delegate Cowen's courageous work on behalf of the people of Caprica and the Fleet. Thank you." The press corps goes nuts, flashbulbs sing out. Laura smiles hugely, from behind her face, and when Lee calls on the first reporter, it's Roslin he addresses.

"Madam President, by confirming Mr. Adama's nomination, does this mean you don't have any hard feelings about his role in the Baltar Trial?" Lee looks to her, so young for a moment, wanting desperately to hear her answer and to be forgiven. She tenderly touches Lee's arm, and thanks him with a smile. It is a lie. "Mr. Adama took on a cause he felt was important, and I fully trust he will continue to bring the same passion and clear-mindedness in representing his constituents."

The next question concerns the Demetrius, the sewage recycling freighter that jumped away three weeks ago. With nearly no snarl at all, Laura redirects this question to the Admiral, who rises from the ranks of reporters.

"The Demetrius is on a military mission," he says. And to the rumor that Kara Thrace is in charge of that mission, he will not comment. As the reporters scrum further, Tory whispers to the President, and Roslin speaks to them again. "I'm gonna have to cut this short. I will see you all very soon at the Quorum Q&A. Thank you very much." There is scattered applause, and the President retires to her offices.

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