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The Girl On The Cliffside

"Frankly," Laura spits, "I'm surprised it took them this long to come after us about the Demetrius." Adama, slightly afraid, hopes that it will blow over soon, and she snorts at this. "I'm gonna be covering for you for a long time on this." Like a boy, with hands behind his back, afraid of her fragility and more, her strength, he speaks quietly. He tries to tell her the story of his heart, and why he defied her, and to get her to look into his eyes again. "I wanted to give Kara a chance. I wanted to give myself a chance to believe in her." Laura knows damn well what he means, that he was trying to split the difference, to combine his love and respect for his President with his love and wonder for a daughter returned, but she will not give it to him yet. Disgustedly, theatrically, she coughs out an "Apparently" before turning back to her work. She sits, and he stands, searching out her eyes, but she will not give them to him. This is her cruelest revenge; he has no way of knowing it's also the price he's going to pay. His heart breaks a little, rips just a bit along one edge, and he exits.


(In which we find much Unrest among the Crew of a Skybound Submarine.)

Day 22 of the Demetrius mission, summed up in a chyron as simply: "Find Earth." Kara reads her star charts, taps pens against teeth, opens and closes and zooms in onscreen, draws and calibrates and measures. A compass, drawing circles and defining areas. Folders and files. pencils. A headache. She sees the gas giant, three stars in a belt; the comet of her visions burning across the sky. Her hands are shaky, trying to make the compass work. As she's passing a tiny ship along a piece of sky, Gaeta enters. Her face is dripping sweat and you can never really catch it all within the frame. She is alien and strange. Captain Thrace, She Dead. "I've made a decision."

In the common room on the Demetrius, everybody's bitching. Seelix is there, with her adorable new haircut, and Pike's there reading NYMPH. "Astronomic cluster? Sounds more like a clusterfrak," Seelix spits, and Helo tells them to stop bitching. Seelix apologizes, but suggests it can't have escaped his notice that they're practically flying around in circles. Gaeta enters, angry, and Athena asks him the latest. They'll be reversing course, returning to sector seven. Athena is exhausted and frustrated as everybody else: It's the tenth course correction, and again for no reason Kara can say. The Promised Land is an art, not a science, but you can't tell pilots that. Even Helo was confused when she told him it wasn't course vectors and nav fixes.

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