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Secrets And Tighs

Apollo finally processes all of the conversation and nervously asks his father, "What's going on?" Adama says that he didn't want Tigh to know that he was visiting the Rising Star. He explains, "Because whether or not his wife is a Cylon, she's nothing but trouble, and I wanted to keep her away from him as long as I could." Apollo asks why Adama brought Ellen aboard, in that case. Adama snaps, "Because she's his wife!" He says that refusing to let Ellen see Tigh would have caused suspicion. As opposed to this. He adds, "Besides, I wanted her close to me."

"I told you!" Ellen gasps from the door. Everyone turns to see that Tigh and Ellen have joined the party. Ellen tells Tigh, "I told you he wanted me." Tigh grumbles, "You have been secretly visiting my wife?" Adama shouts, "No!" And then, "Yes. But it's complicated!" Hee. Ellen tells Tigh, "He's been after me for years!" She tells Apollo and Tigh not to fight over her in that special way that means "Please fight over me." The Prez finally snaps at her to shut up. As Ellen starts to argue with the Prez, Apollo urges everyone to take a deep breath and calm down. Which just ensures that everyone yells more loudly to be heard over him. Adama tells Tigh that he thought Ellen might be a Cylon, so he wanted her to be tested. Tigh realizes, "That's why you canceled your test." Adama, startled, asks Tigh how he knows about that. Tigh turns to the Prez and grumps, " You didn't tell me he was testing my wife." Adama looks from the Prez to Tigh and with an expression of disgust, and gasps, "You met with the President?" Heh. Tigh says that the Prez thought Adama was a Cylon, and he looks like he's kind of amused by that notion. Adama and Tigh glare at each other, and then turn in unison to glare at the Prez. Adama mutters, "I know." The Prez looks at them silently, which is probably the best course at this point. And then Gaeta's voice comes over the PA, paging Adama, Tigh, and Apollo.

The Raider whirrs along. Aw, there's it's little red eye, too.

CIC. Gaeta tells Adama that the Raider "smoothed out its flight plan" two minutes ago. Everyone stares up at the monitors. I wonder if they ever get stiff necks. Apollo says that the ship seems to be under control now, and Adama wonders why it hasn't gone FTL and left. Tigh asks if the ship has made any transmissions since it stabilized. Gaeta says that it has, but figures it was just a distress call. Tigh gives Adama a faintly horrified look. Adama marches away, and Tigh tells Apollo to launch fighters. Apollo flicks a glance in Adama's direction, but then does so.

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