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Secrets And Tighs

Adama has gone over to chat with Starbuck and Tyrol at their bank of more user-friendly eye-level monitors. You'd think they'd want those in a more central location. Starbuck reluctantly tells Adama, "I think [the Raider's] been playing with us the entire time, just waiting to see how we'd react." Adama whirls back toward Apollo and says, "Order the flight leader to destroy the target."

The Raider suddenly pops off at right angles from its path. The Vipers that were escorting it turn to give chase as it speeds toward the fleet.

Gaeta sounds the alarm. Apollo says that the Raider doesn't have any weapons. Starbuck says that the ship is on a suicide run. Aw, poor thing. It's probably depressed about being a sticky pile of robotic brain-goo.

Vipers pour out of the Galactica as the Raider aims at that pretty observation window on the front of the ship. And then it explodes prettily, shot down by a Viper that pops out from the top of the Galactica at the very last minute.

Back in CIC, Adama asks Apollo if he launched the fighters. Apollo nods, and says that it was Tigh's decision. Tigh says, "I had a hunch." Adama observes that it was a good call.

Adama steps out into the corridor, trailed by Tigh, who says, "One question." Without needing to hear the question, Adama answers that he was worried. Tigh asks, "That she might be a Cylon?" Adama snaps, "And if she wasn't." Ouch. He says that Ellen's been a bad influence in Tigh's life, adding, "I'm sorry about that, but it's the truth." Tigh lifts his head up to see over the mountain of denial as he claims that he and Ellen are both different now. Adama adds that he'd gotten used to seeing Tigh without a cup in his hand. Tigh pffts at that, and says he deserved to have a little celebration. Adama agrees, for a different reason: "Launching those fighters on a hunch saved our ship." But that came after the celebrating. Yeah, I know what he means. I think. Adama holds his hand out, and Tigh takes it for a manly handshake. Adama says that he needs Tigh for his skill: "That, and that we're friends. And I don't want anything to come between that, not even Ellen." Tigh quietly insists that it won't. They could do a movie called Gruff and Gruffer about these two. Or Gruff Old Men. Or Gruff Riders.

Caprica. Larry and Six walk down a deserted street. Larry says that they've searched everywhere, but somehow Helo and Boomer have escaped. Six observes that Boomer's love for Helo is making her more resourceful, even if it's not doing a lot for her acting ability. Doral asks if it bothers Six that she's never experienced those feelings. Yeah, this is not my favorite SF cliché. Six does that fake little laugh one does and says, "You saw the way Helo was when we took her away? He was pathetic." But she looks upset as Larry wonders out loud what it would be like to feel such intense emotions: "Even in his anguish, he seemed so alive." Six turns her face away from Larry, takes a shuddery deep breath, and blinks rapidly. She actually did the "fighting back tears" things in a nice way. Although it just makes me wonder if nobody told the Cylons that jealousy is also an emotion. They walk on, down below street level, to join a mess of clanky robots.

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