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Secrets And Tighs

Lab. Baltar says, "Green." Ellen looks triumphant, Tigh looks numb, and Adama looks even more depressed than usual. Baltar repeats that Ellen is "definitely human." Adama reluctantly turns and tells Ellen that he hopes there are no hard feelings. Ellen gives him a hug, saying that she understands. She adds, "But let's be sure and test you next." She looks at Baltar, who says, "My pleasure." Adama shoots Baltar a look, and Baltar corrects himself: "My job." Ellen shifts her hugging position so that she can whisper in Adama's ear: "You don't wanna frack with me, Bill. Try to remember that." Adama whispers back, "Don't frack with me either, Ellen." Smiles all around. Six is kneeling, facing Baltar, as she purrs, "If only they knew that everyone passes these days." Baltar tells her that it's simpler that way. Six climbs into his lap and asks what Ellen's test really said. Baltar replies, "I'll never tell," and smirks. The camera pulls back as Baltar turns back and forth in his chair. Adama, Tigh, and Ellen chat on one side of the room, Apollo and the Prez on the other.

Next time: the Cylons open a gas station, and Starbuck gives Apollo some advice.

Production card: Moore hauls a knight in, who hammers Eick's head down into his chest. Also, there's a tank going by in the background. Props to AresCupid for explaining to me that last week's card was a reference to Janet Jackson's Super Bowl performance. Okay, I'm slow, but c'mon, that was a year ago.

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