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Secrets And Tighs

Vipers zip around the fleet and pass the Galactica's nose. Which is apparently where the observation deck has been converted into a lounge or something. Couples sit on rows of squishy couches and peer through telescopes. Billy and Dualla are perched on the window ledge. After reminding us of who they are, they move to a seat on the couches. Someone announces that the couples have two minutes left on the observation deck. Billy and Dualla engage in some "Whose boss has more pull" banter and smooch for a while. The Billy super-subtly turns the subject to Adama. Dualla mentions that Adama seems distracted lately, and has been making secret calls from his quarters. Billy asks if this just started recently. Dualla says it's only been happening for a few days, and then looks at Billy and sits up. Looking somewhat amused, she demands, "Billy Keikeyam, are you pumping me for information about the old man?" Holy cats, that's a heck of a last name. The door to the deck opens, and a soldier announces, "Time's up!" Outside the door we see a line of people waiting their turn to, um, "observe," if you know what I mean, and I think you do. As the couples disentangle themselves and start to file out, Dualla accuses Billy of being a spy. She still looks amused by it, though. Which is sort of refreshing, but also a little odd. It may be that Dualla figures that if Billy were a Cylon, he'd be a bit better at lying, because his denials aren't very convincing. Dualla finally says she hopes Billy liked the answers he got. She kisses him a few more times as she adds, "'Cause they're the last ones you're gonna get for a while." Then she gets up and follows the crowd out.

A little later, the Prez asks Billy what he learned. Billy reports that Dualla thinks Adama's been acting strange. The Prez frets, "I could see that myself. He was distracted and unfocused." Billy mentions the secret calls, but insists that this could all be perfectly innocent. He argues, "I cannot believe that we're actually entertaining the idea that Commander Adama has been somehow replaced by a Cylon duplicate." The Prez lowers her head for a moment and then moans, " Oh, my gods, Billy, I hope you're right. But thanks for stating the episode's premise so clearly!"

We cut to Adama, glowering in his quarters. I fully expected that we were going to see Dualla report to Adama and say that the Prez is acting suspiciously by trying to collect information about him. I mean, if you're going to go paranoid, go all the way. Maybe they didn't have time.

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