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Secrets And Tighs

Lab. Baltar's on the phone. He says, "Resume the test on Ellen?" He glares at the phone and says that it's no problem. Baltar hangs up and wonders why everybody in the fleet thinks that he's the crazy one.

Tigh returns to his quarters, calling for Ellen. She peers out around a locker door to confirm that the cabin door is shut, because it turns out that she's wearing a slinky little nightie. And she's holding a bottle of booze! ...Hooray? Tigh identifies the booze as "Ambrosia." Literally, I mean. Ellen wants to celebrate, but Tigh wants to have a serious talk. Guess who wins? Ellen pours some bright green liquor into the glasses and suggests that they drink a toast to "starting over." Really? I've heard it's a good show and all, but I don't know if it merits its own toast. ["And I'm surprised Ellen would want to toast to it, since it and Ellen air opposite each other in this market." -- Wing Chun] As Ellen sips her drink, Tigh argues that he's still on duty. Ellen refills her own glass and kisses Tigh. Looks like he picked the wrong day to stop chugging NyQuil. He tosses it back, and Ellen starts pouring another round.

Commercials. Moore mentions that the network had some qualms about "Flesh & Bone," and so this episode, which was originally their take on Crimson Tide's Cold War paranoia, was lightened up just a teeny bit. This pleases me because it means the genre-play might be an ongoing thing.

When we return, there's a dinner party going on. Adama, the Prez, Ellen, Tigh, and Apollo are all seated around a long table...somewhere. I'm going to guess that it's Adama's quarters, but I'm not clear on that. Maybe it's some office they turned into a dining room for the evening. Mugga wishes Adama had turned up at the dinner party dressed in a white jacket with the sleeves rolled up, while a synthesizer played. Ellen pontificates about the state of the fleet. She drunkenly says that most people are optimistic, and the Prez is pleased to hear that. Then Ellen burbles, "There are a few people who still might wonder if a kindergarten teacher is really the right person to be President, but it's just a tiny, tiny minority." The Prez pretends to be charmed while wishing that Ellen's head would explode. Ellen asks Apollo, seated opposite her, to refill her glass. Apollo smiles in a pained way and does so. Ellen tells Adama, "Lee here has grown into such a handsome man. I can only imagine what Zak must look like now." Apollo's smile drops away as Ellen goes on about how Apollo looks just like his mother, so Zak probably looks like Adama. Awkward. Tigh quietly tries to correct his wife, but Adama interrupts and calmly says that Zak died a few years ago. He says, "It was all his stupid fiancee's though. Actually; it's a funny story..." Well, fine, he doesn't. Incidentally, some posters felt that Ellen should have known about Zak's death already, but I think her comments about how Apollo has grown into a handsome man are a pretty good sign that she didn't actually know the boys as adults. We don't know when Apollo got divorced, so it could have been when his sons were pretty young. Anyway.

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