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Secrets And Tighs

Ellen apologizes for putting her foot in it while, under the table, she kicks off one shoe. She offers a toast to Zak while rubbing her foot along Apollo's shin. Apollo boggles. Adama asks how Ellen got aboard the Rising Star as Apollo squirms about discreetly as if he has an itch he can't scratch. Ellen cheerfully notes that she was rescued by some unknown good Samaritan. The Prez grits, "How lucky for us all." Hee. Adama casually mentions, "The strange thing is, no one can recall giving you any medical assistance until about a week ago." Ellen agrees that it certainly is strange, and sits back in her chair so that she can stretch her foot up toward Apollo's crotch. As she chuckles that it's all a miracle, Apollo suddenly pops up out of his seat and offers to clear the table. Apollo collects plates as Ellen changes the subject to something everyone wants to know: "Where's Earth, and when do we get there?" Adama says that's classified. Ellen harrumphs, " If there are no privileges of being an X.O.'s wife, then what's the point?" She claims that they're all "family," and presses Adama. The Prez stresses the need for secrecy, and pointedly says, "Perhaps you don't know that the Cylons look like us now." Ellen apologetically says that she knows, and the Prez quickly mentions that most of the population just found out in the past few days. Ellen pauses for a long moment before she points out that news travels fast. Apollo calmly says that anyone at the table could be a Cylon. Ellen smiles, and is blessedly quiet for a moment as everyone looks at her, and then she suddenly shouts, "Boo!" Everyone jumps, and Ellen and Tigh giggle happily. Adama smiles slightly and thanks Ellen for dropping by, with the "Get the hell out of my face" subtext plain to everyone who isn't drunk. Tigh stands up, muttering, "Thought it would never end," and I imagine he's not the only one who feels that way. Ellen "discovers" that she's lost one of her shoes, and Apollo politely retrieves it from next to his chair. The soundtrack is filled with the music of wackiness. By the door, Adama kindly tells Tigh that he looks happy. Ellen comes around the table to collect her shoe from Apollo, and when he bends down to slip it onto her foot, she gives his ass a helpful squeeze. Apollo's expression: priceless. Ellen sort of tumbles into Tigh's arms at the door, but then gasps, "Hang on, hang on," and lists back toward the table. Without turning or acknowledging Ellen's presence, the Prez picks up the bottle of Ambrosia from the table and hands it to Ellen. Hee. At long last, the revelry comes to an end as Apollo closes the door after the Tighs. After a beat, the Prez snarks, "You actually think that woman is a Cylon?" Apollo takes a seat as he observes, "Well, if she's not, then we're all in a lot of trouble."

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