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The Girl With Her Hand In A Lion's Mouth

"This disease, it must've come from someplace," says Three to Gaius. "So what did you notice on the infected ship?" He repeats that he saw nothing. "I am just as baffled as you are." Three asks again -- "You noticed nothing suspicious on the infected ship?" -- as Caprica reviews Gaius's pictures from the mission. She sees the beacon, zooms in, and stares up at him. "Nothing whatsoever." She stares at him, her face taut and angry, but she's quiet.

Adama enters the Galactica mess, announced by a pilot, offered a drink by Tigh. "Give me the room," he glares, and everybody heads for the door with a quickness. Including Starbuck, who gets shoved back into her chair. "Stay in your seat." Tigh again offers him a drink, and he glares at both of them -- and neither, he won't be looking them in the eyes today -- and asks for Starbuck's gun. She's confused, but puts it on the table. He cocks it roughly and tosses it onto the table. "Hey, there's a live round in that!" yells Tigh. "Now. One of you, and I don't care who, pick that weapon up and shoot me." Starbuck protests and he gets even more intense. "I didn't say to talk, you've done enough of that already. I said to pick up that weapon, and shoot. What's the matter? No guts? You don't got a pair? You're both fracking cowards." Tigh tells him to watch his mouth -- dumb, Saul -- and Adama gets in his face. "Or what? You going to turn the rest of my pilots against each other? Poison the crew? You've already done that, Saul. Both of you." Starbuck tells him if he's looking for an apology he can go to hell, and Bill Adama shoves Kara Thrace to the floor. "You were like a daughter to me once. No more. You're malcontented, and a cancer. And I won't have you on my ship. So you have a choice. You figure out how to become a human being again, and an officer, or you can find another place to live. Off of this ship. You're dismissed." She kicks the chair, stands, and leaves angrily. Even though it's her mother's language, her mother's violence, it's still the language she speaks herself, and the one she knows the best. He's doing the best he can.

Adama turns to Tigh. "Are you gonna kick me out of my chair too?" He starts to speak the other language, the one they share: "Listen, I know you've been through a lot... " but Tigh interrupts, with a somewhat valid "Don't patronize me." He tells him to spit it out. "You're full of bile, hatred." And poetry! "And I know that it has something to do with Ellen. And I'm sorry for that. And if you need time, Saul, well, you take all the time you want. But I gotta run a ship. The last thing I need is a one-eyed drunk sitting down here sowing discontent and disobedience. So I'll tell you once again, Saul. You can pick up that weapon and kill me...or you can get your ass back into your quarters and not leave until you're ready to act like the man that I've known for the past thirty years." Tigh, nearly crying, picks up the gun. Holds it in his hands and feels the weight. He tips it up -- not aiming at Adama really -- and ejects the round onto the table with a loud crash. "That man doesn't exist anymore, Bill. And you won't be seeing me again." Drink and the devil had done for the rest: Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum.

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