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The Girl With Her Hand In A Lion's Mouth

In the Pilots' head, everyone showering and running around, Starbuck takes a knife from her boot and stares at herself in the mirror. The other Pilots are disturbed by this behavior. She sticks the knife in her teeth, gathers her hair, and begins sawing at it. In Tigh's quarters, he pours himself another drink. In Camp Oilslick, Starbuck is wearing full dress, her hair short. She searches the cots, that huge room, looking for somebody. Tigh wanders his quarters, that small room, looking for somebody. But she's gone.

Starbuck crouches at Julia's side, looking down at Kacey. She considers her friend for a moment, and then wordlessly hands her a doll. Tigh drinks, and looks at photographs, and weeps. Starbuck stares at Kacey, nearly crying, and Kacey throws herself into her arms. Kara begins to cry. And Saul weeps, broken, and gathers up the hard metal corners of a picture frame, pulling them to himself. Pulling memories to a dead man's chest.

Athena and Racetrack's Raptor jumps into the Lion's Head Nebula. Its eye is blinking. Racetrack is freaking. "Oh, my Gods, it's right there. The Lion's Head Nebula, and the blinking eye. Holy crap, it's the road to Earth!" She laughs hysterically, and then they both spot the sick basestar on the periphery. Sharon figures something out, and goes cold, and quiet. Racetrack panics about the basestar, and gets ready to jump back, but Sharon can't hear her: she just stares, and quotes prophecy (paraphrasing King David) to herself. "When God's anger awakens, even the mighty shall fall." That sounds fun. Damn Cylons have a bummer prophecy for every occasion. Racetrack curses, and they begin the jump away.


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