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The Girl With Her Hand In A Lion's Mouth

Gaius jerks awake in his basestar cell and stares around and has some screwed up psychic visions: rain inside, moisture on the pulsing walls. A woman with white skin, staring up into an indoor sun. Time shifts: "We're all part of one big ecosystem," says Three, and he stares -- wearing his scientist drag, suit and glasses -- that he can feel that. "Breathing." As the projection (maybe) shifts again to the real now, he hears her telling him to get used to it. "So, what'd he say?" asks Caprica, appearing in the real. "I haven't asked him yet," Three shrugs. About what? "Earth," Caprica says definitively. He boggles. "Earth," says Three in her frightening, friendly way. "It's the Thirteenth Colony?" He's still freaked. Caprica asks if he knows where it is, and he immediately shakes his head. "Not really, no." Three nods like she thought so, and calls it "unfortunate." "There was a hope -- my hope -- that if you knew the way to Earth, it would justify keeping you alive a little longer. Come on, Six." She just pulled like a hat trick of good cop/bad cop with nothing up her sleeves, so of course Gaius stoolies out immediately. "Wait. Wait, wait! Now when I say that I do not know exactly where Earth is, that is not to say that I do not know a very great deal about its probable location. Honestly, I spent hours, days, weeks, months and months on a map that Adama and Roslin found on Kobol. And I correlated that with astrometric observations. I doubt anyone here can make the same claim." Caprica just stares at him while he shits his britches, and then nods sharply. "We'll get back to you." But why do they care? "Because we're looking for it," Caprica says, like it's self-evident. "You are?" he says, but it's less like a question and more like trying not to boot. "Yes," says Three brightly. "We've decided that Earth's going to be our new home."

Credits; episode by the glamorous and not un-Threelike Anne Cofell Saunders, whom you might remember for Sesha Abinell, and for co-writing a couple of the other best-ever episodes; probably though you know her name for writing/inflicting the Hugo-nominated and aforementioned episode they call "Pegasus," aka "The one where shit got real for real." 41,422 souls in the Fleet. Near a moon we find two squads of Vipers, Laser Tag dogfighting (awesome), as Adama watches from CIC. Apollo -- back to CAG -- is leading Red team with Starbuck under him; Kat's on Blue team. "Red team, Apollo. As soon as we clear the moon, we're gonna be on their dradis, so keep your eyes up. They're gonna hit us with everything they got. Stay in formation, Starbuck. Nacho, you're my wingman." Kat alerts Blue team, calling Red team "lazy fracks," and it's worth noting that not only is Hotdog on Blue team, but has become crazy hot. Starbuck sights him and hits him immediately, and it's nice to see her in the cockpit again; Apollo goes after Kat and misses her entirely. Kat taunts him, but as long as she doesn't do that awful NOW NOW NOW Dawn Summers bullshit we'll be okay. She's cool now. Starbuck heads after Kat without Apollo's clearance and he tells her to stay in formation, sending Nacho. She disregards, grandstanding, and ends up ramming Kat.

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