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The Girl With Her Hand In A Lion's Mouth

Gaeta quotes one passage in particular: "And the caravan of the heavens was watched over by a great lion with a mighty blinking eye... " and Adama finishes: "... red and blue." Gaeta's like, "Exactly!" But it's been a while since Adama had to pretend scripture was a valid way to live your life or lead the Fleet or lie about in order to impose a provisional sense of order in humanity: "Exactly what? You're looking for a lion's head?" Roslin grins sweetly at him across the table: "With a mighty blinking eye." Adama's like, "And it's... blinking." They blink at each other, and Roslin -- kind of sheepishly, considering her bizarre history with Pythia -- lowers her eyes: "Well, they're Scrolls. They speak in metaphors?" Gaeta's feeling them both. "Initially I thought the doctor might be off his meds as well, sir? But then I found this note here, where he had written blinking equals pulsar." He exposits for us idiots, using Roslin -- the former secretary of Education for twelve planets, mind you -- who doesn't know what a pulsar is: "They're the rotating cores of dead stars, they emit a blast of radio waves." So from a distance, they'd appear to blink. "Right," he nods. "The doctor found two in very close mutual orbit within this sector. Uh, the spectrographic readings that I found show one will appear to be red, and one will appear to be blue." Red team, blue team: dead stars, whittled to their core; giving off radiation in space, whirling and confused. "Now...these pulsars appear to be in this nebula. We have never had a direct look at this area. But it is possible, with a couple of eyeballs out there, they might look at the nebula and see... " Adama nods. "A giant lion's head." As though this is the first time they've gone haring off based on little-to-no sound evidence that Pythia wasn't just a sad old saint of the apocalypse on drugs, Roslin quirks her mouth and looks at Adama. "Well, it looks like this is the best thing we've got going." She smiles brightly and beautifully: "So unless you object, Admiral, I suggest we go lion hunting." Always a good idea.

In the basestar corridor, Caprica's assuring Gaius that the "navigational markers" he and Gaeta simultaneously have developed will be useful. "They sent a baseship out to investigate the pulsars, and look for this lion's head of yours." Baltar whines about how she has to be serious with him about how conflicted and ambiguous he is feeling about finding Earth. She laughs at him and notes how all this internal conflict developed right after he managed to once more escape death. She leads him through a room where one of the Eights is doing naked tai chi -- she ignores them utterly -- and reminds him that there's a lot of skepticism still about his motives. Gaius apologizes to Naked Boomer for interrupting her, and Caprica rolls her eyes: "Come on, Gaius." Out in the corridor again, Gaius is confused, thinking they're going in circles. "I'm sure it all looks the same to you, doesn't it? Be hard for any human to navigate around here. Especially without projecting." He says something about how -- not Chip Six but Caprica -- has mentioned "projection" before. "I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. It helps you to what, exactly?" She asks if he's ever daydreamed, and he does a perfect, gorgeous deadpan: "I do have an active imagination." (I'd slap him, just in case.) "Well, we don't have to imagine. We project. We choose to see our environment in any form we wish, whenever we wish. For instance, right now you see us as standing in a hallway, but I see it as a forest." Reality complies. "Filled with trees, birds, sunlight." Back in the corridor, Gaius smiles. "Like the walks that you and I used to take. On Caprica." As a Doral passes them, in both the forest and the hall, Caprica shakes her head, still smiling but not with her voice. "The aesthetic is what gives me pleasure. Not the specific memories. Instead of staring at blank walls, I choose to surround myself with a vision of God's creation."

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