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Asking For It

Lee remembers Main Street on New Caprica, how he walked through the crowd with his uniform disheveled, and how he saw Sam and Kara holding hands, and how he pushed past her, heart breaking.

Tigh counts him out. Leaning on the ropes, he stares down at Kara, nearly knocked out. "Come on," she whispers, urging him to stand up. Kara wants to see Lee keep fighting and never give up. Kara Thrace loves Lee Adama. Cottle judges Lee too hurt to continue and calls the match for Helo. Apollo fights it but eventually leaves the ring. Tigh calls the next match.

Off to the side, Starbuck approaches Apollo, congratulatory and nasty in equal amounts, as usual. "Good fight. Bit off a little more than you can chew, huh?" He ignores her. "Oh, come on, Lee. Don't be that way. Stick around. The night's young!" He finally looks at her, saying she'll have to enjoy it without him. "Pulling your tags out so soon?" They were never just dogtags to Kara. "I'm done, Kara," he says wearily. Dualla watches them, her face a dark line. Starbuck drops her tags into the box: "I'm not." He stands up a little straighter. "Now who's biting off more than they can chew, Captain?" She gets in his face: "Not me, from where I'm standing, Major." He pulls his tags back off and drops them in the box, then shoves past her. She clears her throat, watches him walk away, and wonders what's going to happen next.

Credits. 41,422 souls in the Fleet. 17 months ago, or 8 months before the Occupation. Raptors flew overhead, building the settlement. Dualla and Lee walked down the street, marveling at their progress on New Caprica. Dualla had been down to the surface since the Groundbreaking; Lee never went back. "I'd still rather sleep in a warm bunk every night then muck around in this muck." Dualla grinned. "Bunk's gonna be plenty warm tonight. He said yes." Apollo was excited to hear it: the Admiral approved Dualla's transfer to the Pegasus. They were going to be together. So of course Kara and Sam walked up. "You two just don't know how to keep a secret, do you? So what, are you guys here to see Baltar put a shovel in the ground?" Anders quoted the invite: "Join the celebration as we break ground for a better tomorrow." They laughed about how stupid it all is. Dualla spoke up, pushing it just a tad: "There's an open bar." Starbuck laughed, and pointed at Lee: "You gotta let your better half do the talking for you, she gets right to the point!" She grabbed Dualla around the shoulders and dragged her toward the bar, friendly and laughing. Lee and Anders stared at each other. "Let's go find us a better tomorrow!"

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