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Elsewhere, Roslin sat down beside Adama, laughing at him for playing in the sand. He hadn't touched ground in a very long time. He wanted it in his hands and under his feet. "It's not sand, it's alluvial deposits. This used to be the river mouth." Now, though, it was all dried up. "You just had to take off your shoes and play in the alluvial deposits. How romantic," she murmured, with a sidelong glance. He kept playing with the sand, adorably, and finally looked up: "That's a nice color on you." She glowed, in her lovely red dress, and they agreed how nice it was to see each other. It was about a month since she tried to steal the election, and he talked her out of it. She'd never really needed him that bad before.

Roslin finds Adama, standing at ringside, and explains that her father was an "avid fight fan," so she loves boxing. That doesn't surprise me in the slightest: "I love a good fight," she says. Dualla works on Lee, while Starbuck wraps her hands. "I heard about your so-called 'dance.' Accidentally, I might add." Adama apologizes, explaining that the dance is a private tradition. "There's a lot of frustration aboard warships. Arguments become grudges, then end up being feuds. This allows them to let off some steam out in the open so everybody can participate. Rank doesn't matter. As long as you throw your tags in the box, everyone's fair game." (You couldn't do this, say, around the time they started holding secret courts and airlocking each other?) The current match ends, and Tigh calls up the next dancer: Hotdog. Roslin asks if he threw his tags in, and Adama laughs. "No. No, I wish. All the frustrations that I have..." Are in my pants. I'd like to see Roslin and Adama go a few rounds. Tigh asks Hotdog for his dance partner; Hotdog names Starbuck. I wonder why? What's he got to work through with her? Helo grins at Kara, the Karl And Kara Show. Kat shouts her name, Helo urges her up and she climbs into the ring. They begin to fight.

Kara remembers standing in Main Street with Sam, watching Lee's face as he got closer. Silently begging him to understand the story she's been telling him for years. She remembers how he pushed past them with an angry word, and how she stood there, ashamed, and almost cried, and let him go.

In the ring, she finally drops Hotdog. Lee and Kara stare at each other. Their fight's still coming.

Commercial. Gaius Baltar broke ground on the settlement of New Caprica, to the sound of applause and cheers. Jammer was there, and Duck. "Thank you. Let this day be remembered as the day we broke ground for our new tomorrow." A new tomorrow without fear or terror or problems: a new presidency for a new world. A chance to rest.

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