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At the makeshift bar for Groundbreaking Day, Anders was telling a story about handcuffs and drinking straws, to Tigh's loud approbation. Saul caught his wife's eye, and they smiled sweetly at each other. No more catting around, no more ambiguity, no more jealousy. A second honeymoon. Later, they sat together, alone. "Did I ever tell you how glad I am I married you?" She smiled at him. She was beautiful. "Not once." He grinned, and said he'd save it for a special occasion; they kissed.

Now Tigh stands in the middle of a boxing ring, watching them bleed for each other, all alone.

Sam sat at the bar on New Caprica. Kara was half-lit, careening into him giddily. They laughed, and kissed. And Lee watched them.

Roslin and Adama stood near the dance floor, listening to Gaeta go on and on. He was fresh and excited about his new job, working with the President, innocent, stumbling over himself, recognizing the new Finance Minister, tearing off to talk to him. Adama and Roslin chuckled, and Adama pulled out the joint they'd stashed when he ran up. "Oh, my Gods," Roslin breathed, mirthfully. "I didn't think he'd ever leave!" They agreed Gaeta's a good kid, and leaned back, against the dance floor. "You say this stuff grows around here?" She nodded, and looked closely at him, phrasing her request in the form of a little real estate discussion. "In the mountains north of here there's this little stream that comes down into this lake the water is so clear it's like looking through glass. I'm thinking of building a cabin." Up in the mountains it wasn't so dry. You could rest. Adama finished the joint: "That's good." She nodded, happy, relieved to be on New Caprica, with him. "Mmm. It is good." It was all good; all of it was good. The settlement, the Groundbreaking, the new life. It was good.

Roslin shouts her approval at a "beautiful combination," in the middle of a fight. A deck hand approaches and asks Chief what he missed. "Grisky, you done that bird already?" Grisky whines. "Gyro's giving me trouble. Come on, Chief! I'm the only one over there." Chief smiles, chills out, waves it off. "Frack it, get yourself a drink." Adama stares at him from down the line. "Ship down, Chief." Chief smiles, chills out, waves it off: "Yeah, we'll get it tomorrow. I'm figuring I'll give 'em a little R&R." Adama stares at him and remembers that feeling.

18 months ago, he poured Chief a drink, up on Galactica, and congratulated him on Cally's pregnancy. "I may be jumping the gun, but... heh! The first boy born on Galactica!" Chief looked down, and away, feeling like a traitor. "That's the thing I want to talk to you about, sir. Um, Cally doesn't want him born here. And neither do I. Not if he has a chance to grow up breathing fresh air." Adama handed him the drink, asked for clarification. "Well, we both would like to request to be relieved of duty and settle on New Caprica." They're NCO, they didn't ask for this. But Bill was losing people left and right, and like it or not, Chief and Cally were and are in some ways the heart of the Fleet, especially for Bill. "No, no way. You're both here for the duration."

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